Aqours : Koi ni Naritai Aquarium (Single Review)

You guys ready for another swim? Are you guys ready to dive in? Are you guys…do you got your water wings on? Goggles? I need goggles because I can’t open my eyes under water. I mean I’m sure I can but…AQOUR’S SECOND SINGLE KOI NI NARITAI AQUARIUM!


I was very jazzed for Aqours’ second single. I liked “Kimi No Kokoro” a lot and I see a lot of promise in this new Love Live project. Muse ended very well, the movie was awesome and last single “Moment Ring” put a nice cap on it all. I’m so ready for Sunshine this summer, real life and the anime. Anyways here we have the group’s second single, a jammed packed 5 minute a-side and two also long b-sides! Let’s take a dive torpedo girl and see how it is. 

A-Side : Koi ni Naritai Aquarium


This is a jam packed idol song. It’s brimming at 5 minutes with lots of goodness and solo parts. You takes center and has a cool solo bit before the last chorus. There are lots of ‘fan-tas-tic!” cheers and bits on this song. It starts off with a mysterious underwater intro before that keyboard comes in starting things off. The song then kicks it up as the vocals start and the fun summer tinted idol journey begins.

The verse melody is one of my favorite parts on this song. The girls do that chewing vocal technique where they munch syllables really quickly. I don’t know the term but PASSPO also do it on their song “Candy Room” as well. It’s a good melody and I like it more then the chorus to be honest. The girls all get their parts and it’s fun.


Compared to their debut single I think this song is a more dynamic and fun. Aqour’s are beginning to slip into their own style. Soon enough I feel like they will get their groove and separate themselves from Muse. Overall “Koi ni Naritai Aquarium” is a good single. I’ve been listening to it in the shower all week…it’s good bubbly idol   fun.

B-Side 1 : Mattete Ai no Uta


Okay…Kimi No Kokoro’s b-sides where okay but they felt like b-sides to me. This song could be an a-side. Mattete Ai no Uta is more of a mid tempo tune, it’s a whole minute longer then the a-side as well. This song is…pretty good. It’s more laid back so we get a chance to hear the girls sing straight, there voices sounded a bit more balanced then Muse where you had some great singers (Umi, Maki, Eli, Rin) some charmingly bad singers (Nozi, Nico, Hayano, Kotori) and a middle ground of meh (Honkers). The members of Aqours’ seem to gel nicely with each other as seen on this track. This is a solid number overall.


B-Side 2 : Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo


Do you hear those keyboard generated horns? It’s an idol song all right. This tune felt pretty typical for Love Live, with it’s guitar riff and those kinda poor sounding horns you’d expect to hear on an AKB48 single. That’s not to say it’s a bad song though, I like this one. It has good energy and I really dig the OH NO! part, it’s something that makes me keep rewinding to hear it again. The guitar break is a bit disappointing. It starts to lead into a heavy breakdown but whips out before delivering a solo, which by the way, have you ever heard a guitar solo in an idol song that you even remembered? It seems  like it’s always the same kind of shredding and flashy playing on every song. Also this song has a guitar melody passage as well, typical for Love Live songs.

I like this song but it’s a bit run of the mill in a couple of senses. It’s not as good as the other two songs but I think it’s still fun, if not for the OH NO! part.




Koi ni Naritai Aquarium is a good single with good b-sides. I feel it’s an improvement over their first, which I already quite liked, and I’ve been enjoying these tunes quite a bit recently. They are fun songs, especially the a-side. I’m looking forward to more from these girls, next up are the unit singles, we’ll see how those are! Whatever Aqours has in store for us next I think this is a solid release and it shows promise for the future of the group and the overall Love Live project. It’ll be hard to give up on Muse but I think once Aqours hits it’s stride they’ll shine in their own right!

and a small note on the PV, it’s decent to. I’m still not fond of the CGI but the key frames look good and the characters designs are awesome. The walrus was You all along guys.




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