Bakuon!! Episode 5 Review


Now it gets wild.

This Time On Bakuon!!

  • The girls arrive at Hokkaido and Sakura yells at flowers for some reason.
  • After discussing their highest speeds, Rin revs up and tries to max out her speed gauge. Nothing is in her path as she burns down the highway, expect for the fated red foxes.
  • The girls look out at the sea and meet their teacher who has driven out to Hokkaido after being dumped by her 13th boyfriend. Sensei tries to kill herself? by driving off the cliff only to find it’s a shallow beach.
  • At the hotel Sensei gets super drunk and tries to get Sakura to drink. However taking a sniff is enough and Sakura passes out, leaving Sensei to “inspect” her body.
  • Sensei gets into a wild yuri rushes and tries to strip the girls and do other lewdities before Reimu saves the day.
  • The girls arrive back home and have a bikini bike wash. To save time Sakura gets soap all over herself and um…has a good time with her bike.



Wow…what can you say about this episode…ha ha, I didn’t expect the show to take a turn like this. There where only brief teases of fan service from Rin and this time it goes all the way in it’s second half with the wild lesbian teacher and the American Car Wash. It’s still really funny though, this show gets a lot of laughs out of me, especially when they do dangerous things. The appeal of Bakuon!! was to see school girls do something unlikely, riding motorcycles. I wasn’t expecting heavy fan service but really I guess I should’ve known better.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t like this episode though.


Sensei’s hilarious! She basically fails to possibly kill herself in the beginning and it’s discovered she becomes a lesbian when she drinks. Realistically a teacher nearly trying to rape students isn’t funny neither is attempted suicide, but this is a goofy show and it’s actually really funny here. It was funny when Sensei was driving off the edge, everyone was telling her to stop but they all had their phones out filming. I do think this is quite a good comedy.



For sure, this is a good comedy. The fan service was unexpected and will either turn off viewers or vise versa. I think this show has a good sense of humor and I got a lot of chuckles form how silly this is. I like the characters, Sakura seems airhead enough to innocently hump her bike thinking shes just washing it. Good episode.


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