The Beatles : With The Beatles (Track-By-Track)

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Following up their debut The Beatles returned with their sophomore effort, With The Beatles or with the beatles because no caps on the cover. Released right before The Beatles exploded all over the world with that one song about holding your hand, this album was later picked apart for their Capital Records debut Meet The Beatles. It’s the album that begins Beatlemania. Let’s rock.

Track By Track


It Won’t Be Long 

  • No it won’t! Starting the album off with an instance burst of energy, It Won’t Be Long is a high powered starter with great harmonies and an attention grabbing chorus. Here is where John and Paul’s melodies crafting began to pick up and turn into something truly remarkable.

All I’ve Got To Do

  • Nice one John! This is a short song but quite a good one with a bit of an unpredictable melody. It’s simple but effective, I like it a lot.

All My Loving

  • One of the bands classics. With Ringo’s swing and Paul’s walking bass combined with John’s impressive rhythm playing this is a truly classic Beatles song. As with “P.S. I love You” this is Pure McCartney. However compared to the former song “All My Loving” is it’s beefed up big brother.

Don’t Bother Me

  • George appears with his first composition in the trend of these oddly unpleasant romance songs, more to come later but Don’t Bother Me has a good melody. It’d take until Rubber Soul for George to really shine, his song writing and vocals are still a bit rough but it’s a good effort.

Little Child

  • This is a 50s rocker! The first time I listened to it I was surprised it wasn’t a cover song. I like it thought he harmonica gets in the way a little bit. Regardless it’s a fun short song.

Till There Was You

  • If you couldn’t tell the difference between Paul and John, this song will set you straight. The first cover song on the record, this is a very pleasant song with a great vocal. It’s a really warm sunny song that sounds a little like “And I Love Her” in tone.

Please Mister Postman

  • WAIT! OH YES WAIT A MINUTE MISTER POSTMAN! Can I take a minute to take about how much I like John’s pre-Pepper vocal tone? Wow this guy was amazing, he really had this great crackling tone. Where Paul had 1000 legs on on him in ability, John’s voice was one of a kind. I love this song, John’s perfectly double tracked and he gives an urgent performance on this cover song. The backing vocals are a little silly but overall this is my favorite song on the album.

Roll Over Beethoven

  • Hi George, back again? This Chuck Berry cover is not to bad, it’s a good kick off to side 2 with the super overused guitar intro. George’s vocals are a bit weak for the song but I like it overall.

Hold Me Tight

  • Paul McCartney can really sing eh? This song has an interesting bridge bit where it sounds like it’s falling apart and about to end before it picks up again. I like the song but it’s kinda forgettable.

You Really Gotta Hold On Me

  • Another cover, this time it works well. Good tune! Is it just me or do the vocals overpower the music in the verses?

I Wanna Be Your Man

  • Okay…well look, it’s not horrible but compared to other Lennon/.McCartney compositions…I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER BABY I WANNA BE YOUR MAN! Over and over again. Again when I’m in the mood it’s an alright song but if there was one tune to skip on here it’d be this one. It’s not like BAD though.

Devil In Her Heart

  • George again wow? and he’s picked it up! Devil In Her Heart is a cool song and George’s vocal is much better then his prior two songs and I like the back and forth with the backing parts.

Not A Second Time

  • Short and sweet, this Lennon song is not all that remarkable in terms of…well anything…but I like it fine and it brings the album to a good close…WAIT THERE’S MORE?


  • TWIST AND SHOUT BABY! Or not? There is no doubt this song was meant to try to recapture the power of Please Please Me’s showstopping finale. Money is an okay song, it’s catchy and all though.





With The Beatles is more refined and well crafted then Please Please Me but the highlights are not quite as high as the previous record. Still it’s more of a sign for their continuing evolution. Songs like ‘All My Loving” and “All I’ve Got To Do” show great promise from the young Lennon and McCartney. The cover songs are good to. Some tunes fall into the “good but forgettable” category and I feel Meet The Beatles did a better job with the album even if it took the thing apart and removed some key cuts. Adding “I Want To Hold Your Hand” at the beginning is what took it home though, this album is missing a big slam like that.

It’s still a strong album! Very fun to sing along with to.




  • All My Loving
  • It Won’t Be Long
  • Please Mister Postman
  • All I’ve Got To Do


  • Roll Over Beethoven
  • Devil In Her Heart
  • Till There Was You
  • You Really Got A Hold On Me
  • Not A Second Time


  • I Wanna Be Your Man

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