The Beatles : A Hard Day’s Night (Track By Track)


The Beatles had forever changed the music world with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and their trip to American that fated February in 1964. That same year the group managed to record 2 albums and film a movie…that movie was “A Hard Day’s Night” and this is it’s soundtrack. But don’t be fooled by that last word, this isn’t an Elvis Presley soundtrack after all, this is The Beatles third record.

Now let’s take a look at this record, track by track.

Track By Track


A Hard Day’s Night

  • SLAM. *Silence* *Heavy breathing* *sweaty forehead* “IT’S BEEN A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” dear God, excuse me while I pick myself up off the ground and change my underwear, this song is nothing short of 2 minutes of pure Beatlemania. A fast and hard song with a huge intro, clear as a bell solo and fade out, “A Hard Day’s Night” is a phenomenal, controlled but chaotic, rampage. The bridge is so intense that Paul McCartney had to come in and do, while John whines away in verses, giving a classic performance. This track is like unleashing pandora’s box.

I Should Have Known Better

  • Phew…okay I got a chance to breath now…HARMONICA! “I Should Have Known Better” follows up the mayhem of the title track and rides along nicely with a sharp melody and piercing harmonica. Listening to John’s crafting on the bridge, Lennon and McCartney where professionals by now and this album of all originals shows that.

If I Fell

  • You know what I said about John and Paul’s crafting on this album? This is the pinnacle of the album. “If I Fell” features a remarkable two part harmony, the lyrics are very simple but the way John and Paul work around each other, especially in the bridge, is truly remarkable. These two blended together so well. John would always cut through Paul’s high notes and the two of them make a beautiful harmony on this song.

I’m Happy Just to Dance With You

  • Georgey Boy! Although it’s John and Paul’s composition, George does a decent job singing this one. Check out all the chords here! Compare it to the 3 chords of “Love Me Do” and you can see how rapidly the band was improving. This is another song that feels like a 50s rocker, talking about dancing and all, George ain’t interest in romance, dude just wants to dance. I bet he was a sweet dancer…

And I Love Her

  • Hey it’s Paul on his own! While John dominates this record everytime Paul appears it’s on a standout song. This slow tune says a lot with a little. The short solo is cool and it’s overall a good change of pace on the album and a classic!

Tell Me Why

  • WHOA IT’S GETTING LOUD AGAIN! This song is awesome, it’s packed with energy and just kind of explodes into this ultra catchy jam! With that crazy falsetto and shouted chorus, “Tell Me Why” is a good one.

Can’t Buy Me Love

  • Catchy, high energy, great shuffle, it’s a pretty good song to end side 1. Not one of my absolute favourites but I can’t deny it’s a gem.

A HARD DAY'S NIGHT 03-0-800-0-450-crop.jpg

Any Time At All

  • SLAM! Anytime at all! Like the title track this song begins right away and smashes in. It’s a simple song and a bit of a throw away but I feel the verses melody is really strong and it’s overall a decent one.

I’ll Cry Instead

  • Before John warned you to run for your life because he literally would rather see you dead then be with another man. and he was serious. John said “if I could get my way, I’d get myself locked up today but I can’t, so I’ll cry instead”. This suggests an ugly scene, what is John trying to do? He’s got a chip on his shoulder that’s bigger then his feet! Holy shit this guy is mad, “don’t wanna cry when there’s people there, I get shy when they start to stare”. Ya this is not the most well written song and while it’s recorded in a fun manner and certain not as ugly as “Run For Your Life” it still has a bit of a mean tint to it.

Things We Said Today

  • Paul man. John is all over the place on this album in quality but Paul just swipes right in delivering hit after hit. This song has acoustic guitars yet it really rocks and the pick up to the bridge is jamming. Listen to that choruses harmony! This is a very good song coming in mid album, showing the rising talent and potential of Paul McCartney early on.

When I Get Home

  • John comes back again and he’s mad! He’s gotta whole lotta things to tell her when he gets home. There is a difference between Paul and John on this record, Paul is doing…nicer love songs and John is ranging from being a shoulder to cry on to breaking your shoulder with a baseball bat. This song is pretty damn catchy though “Whoa-o-oa-I!!!” Some of John’s lyric writing is meh on this album but he wasn’t slacking with the harmonies. Speaking of which…

You Can’t Do That

  • Hell ya this song is awesome. One of the bands best early jams, this song is hot, from that dinging cowbell to John’s vocal line. Everything about this tune rocks, good job from Ringo as well. I feel it’s similar to “I Call Your Name”, especially because of the chords, but it’s awesome regardless and it’s one of the highlights of the whole album.

I’ll Be Back

  • Remember early on “If I Fell”? Well they did it again. “I’ll Be Back” is another beautiful piece. The vocals on this thing are wonderful , especially John’s bridge parts. How better to close the album eh? Great acoustic guitar work as well, and that simple A minor chord switch in the beginning is a simple trick that really stands out.



A Hard Day’s Night is the Beatlemania album. This thing is bursting with gems. It contains a high number of homeruns, some misses, but overall the highs are high enough to make this a great album. Some of the songs on side 2 are take it or leave it but The Beatles really had stepped up their game. The harmonies and songwritting was getting better and overall it’s an improvement from With The Beatles. The lack of covers shows what Lennon and McCartney could do on their own and honestly the lack of a Ringo song helps to. Sorry Ringo.

Check out the movie if you haven’t as well, it’s a pretty funny film!




  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • If I Fell
  • I’ll Be Back
  • You Can’t Do That
  • Things We Said Today
  • And I Love Her


  • I Should Have Known Better
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Tell Me Why


  • I’ll Cry Instead


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