Netoge : Episode 5 Review


Ako’s escapism furthers and it’s up to Rusian to save the day in this weeks episode of Netoge.

This Time On Netoge


  • The introduction of a new girl makes Ako feel threatened.
  • The group plays Call Of Duty World At War
  • Ako gets fed up over the new girl coming onto Rusian and runs home, deciding to get lost into the game and give her life up to it, effectively dropping out of civilization and living in the game.
  • It’s now up to Rusian to go to Ako’s house and get her back.


There is something oddly nice about this show. Despite being a cliche show by appearance I think the character relationships are not too bad and connecting it with the game adds for a new and somewhat interesting element. It’s pretty well centred around helping Ako come to terms with the troubles of real life and controlling her escapism. There where some cute parts with Ako and Rusian when he goes to her house, some silly funny stuff, but beyond the jokes and boobs there is a decent element and theme behind this whole show.


I think to make this show better Ako and Rusian should officially get together as a couple in the real world, Ako does call him her boyfriend at the end rather then her husband as she normally does so that could be a sign of things to come. Being a “guy surrounded by a bunch of girls” type show there is normally never a set relationship like that as the dude normally has multiple options to purpose. However in Netoge the other characters are mostly just there to be his friends while Ako is there as a romantic interest.


There where some funny parts in this episode. When they play the FPS and load in the announcer goes “Team Deathmatch” and Ako repeats it in a cute voice. There was also a flip of the normal “guy walks in on girl changing” trope. This time Rusian opens the door on Ako in her underwear. When Ako invites him back in she’s sitting on the floor naked, ready to bang. That was a funny scene, as was the whole set-up for the piss in bottle joke. It still makes you think Rusian really did drink her piss, since he doesn’t know the taste of the tea, and Ako would be crazy enough to serve him her own urine.

Ako’s character is developing a bit more, she is losing some yandere flairs. When the new girl comes onto Rusian she looks sad and defeated, not like when she tried to attack Sensei earlier on. Her Mom was in this episode as well, she was just like Ako. Master still has yet to develop or show any real traits, I’m hoping more is revealed about her later on because as it stands she just seems like a plot device to set things up for everybody.


This was a good episode and I’m hoping that instead of playing to cliches Netoge takes some different turns and sets up Rusian and Ako as a couple or atleast brings some kind of new issues and struggles. There is some fan service here and there, like some pans that are begging to be image stitched, but I think there is atleast a half decent character story underneath this thing, especially with how the game element is used. I hope Netoge surprises us atleast a little bit. I’m not expecting it to amount to much, and it really is nothing more then a fun show to watch every week, but I feel it has potential to be something worth the time.



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