Big Order : Episode 4 Review


Rock Hard, Ride Free.

This Time On Big Order

  • The rabbit girl is about to give birth.
  • Rin fights the Rock God girl
  • Fricking nukes are about to strike but Eiji’s gotta stop ’em, nukes are bad, Superman IV.


So like this show is not good I think. It really just feels off to me in every regard. None of the actions have any impact, the storytelling is poor, the characterization is a nightmare, and there are so many things I could pick apart about this episode. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not enjoying this mess. It has terrible execution and this episode especially was very bad in regards to writing but man I’m having fun watching this show. I think that says atleast something to this trainwreck, it’s surprising viewable and actually quite funny, intentionally and not, at times. Some bad shows are so bad you can’t even bear to sit through them, but I was having a good time with this episode.


This story feels like it was written by a teenager who doesn’t really know how things work. Someone who doesn’t understand how a hospital works, or the UN, or nukes or anything like that. So this story feels very amateurish, especially when it comes to Eiji’s character and the reactions people have to him, also a guy destroys a nuke with one punch. This is some silly stuff and what makes it sillier is the jazz soundtrack which has no place in the show at all!


As for this episode it was dumb but I actually thought the new character Kagekiyo was alright and her voice actress did a good job, but Eiji is just a mess. His characterization is awful and even the scene where he realizes everyone hates him…the writing is just so poor and has no impact at all in this show, things just happen. The CG is off as well and Kagekiyo’s design is a mess in terms of colour choices and her nips are always rock hard, I guess because she has rock powers?


So Big Order is a very entertaining mess. I am honestly getting a kick out of this show, it’s so bad it’s good, similar to Magical Warfare from 2 years ago. I’ll keep watching to see what silly things happen next. Also the OP is awesome, Yousei Teikoku is cool.


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1 Response to Big Order : Episode 4 Review

  1. Karandi says:

    “This story feels like it was written by a teenager who doesn’t really know how things work.” – I have to agree. This show had such a great start in episode 1. The writing wasn’t great and the plot was clearly going to be a little messed up but since then it’s like the writers just threw a whole bunch of random scribbles into the air and then plucked the nearest one and said, ‘and then this happened’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this show.


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