(Comic Review) C-3PO : The Phantom Limb


C-3PO is defiantly one of my favourite characters in Star Wars, I mean you gotta love this droid. I was really happy to hear he’d be getting his own comic! I like how Marvel has been handling the Star Wars series, there are plenty of great spin-off titles and now we have have one for our shiny golden friend that explains the reason behind his red arm! Read on to see my thoughts on this book.


This comic is almost a month old now, but I just recently go it (I didn’t even know it came out, it was delayed for so long and I didn’t see it on shelves). To my surprise it’s actually a nicer and sadder story then I had imagined. C-3PO is on a mission along with some fellow droids, to find out where the First Order is holding Admiral Ackbar (joke here).


The art was nice in this book, something unique with it’s very thick outlines and interesting dark colouring. The paneling also is interesting, not sticking to a typical design but rather forming shapes and centring around close ups of the droids faces, which is what the majority of shots are in this comic.  The art style of a breath of fresh air in the Star Wars series as it was something eye popping and different. Not to say I dislike the variety of artists who have worked on the main series (that last Obi-Wan focused issue looked amazing) by in my opinion the Darth Vader comic is a little dull looking with it’s straight approach and line choices. Tony Harris is the artist for this book and he does a pretty good job giving it a cool sci-fi look.


The story was pretty sad actually, going over the psychology of droids and how they are programmed to serve their masters no matter which side they are on. It also touches on how there memories get wiped, C-3PO sees a flash of Naboo near the end and talks of the silly scene in Episode II where he gets attached to a battle droid. This comic reminded me some that one episode of the old Battlestar Galactica where the Cyclon befriends the human, though this is different.

I was surprised how well it was written, even though they are just robots you feel sad for them somehow, especially by the end. C-3PO and Omri are great together. This was overall a really good book and one of my favourites of the overall Star Wars series so far. The art was nice and it told a good story that gave a nice reason for C-3PO’s golden arm. I assume everyone who wants this comic already has it, but on the off chance that anyone reading this is into the Star Wars comics and hasn’t picked it up, look into getting it!


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