Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto : Episode 4 Review


Smoking Kills.

This Time On Sakamoto


  • Sakamoto blows bubbles.
  • The gym teacher tries to find a reason to get Sakamoto in trouble which climaxes with a scene during sex ed.
  • Sakamoto helps one of the delinquents escape from school during a fire drill.
  • Sakamoto goes missing one summer and the delinquents try to find him.


Man this show is golden, this was another hilarious episode. Sakamoto continues to do all the coolest things while everyone is trying to shut him down. The best aspect of the show is how it’s about the characters reactions to Sakamoto rather then being focused on the title character himself. It’s as if he is a Godly figure who’s mind you don’t get into, you witness his actions the same way everyone else does, rather then having a monologue in his head. This makes him all the more funny and mysterious. You are the classmates watching Sakamoto.


In this episode the sex ed scene was hilarious, Sakamoto does so many absurd things but with a purpose. Like eating rice in class because sex ed is juicy, there are so many comedic details. The jazz score also helps, his theme is so memorable that I hum it to myself when I do “stylish” things that aren’t stylish at all. Shinji Takamatsu was the best choice for director, his touch is all over this show, it feels a lot like Daily Lives of Highschool Boys but it also has a tint of Cromartie High School.


Sakamoto is a unique and different comedy this season and this episode had a lot of good jokes. I like how the thugs come to really appreciate Sakamoto, he’s so cool that no one can hate him for too long. The switching to bubbles instead of smoking joke was really good. I do wonder how long this show can go on with the same type of jokes though, of Sakamoto being the cool, cooler, coolest guy in school. It hasn’t got tiring yet and as of episode 4 this is a show I’m liking a whole lot, it kinda takes me back to when I first got into anime as well, this show feels older, it’s much different from any comedy we’ve seen in a while.


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