High School Fleet : Episode 5 Review


Man Battle Stations Torpedo. Man Battle Stations Torpedo.

More exciting naval combat in this episode. This show is seriously thrilling and the action is great, it’s so much better then you’d be led to expect by “cute girls man a ship”. The last half of this episode was loud and chaotic. There seems to be some kind of mind control going on here, which I think is pretty silly. That’s something I think could throw the show off later, it certainly explains things better but I feel it’s kinda…lazy in a way. I mean it’s surreal enough to have high school girls engaging in full on naval warfare but the hamster thing adds this weird element.


The girls have fun in the first half and welcome their new crew member officially. The co-captain girl gets hit with a single water gun blast and we instantly see her bra through her shirt…why not. A touch of fan service in this episode but nothing big. It’s a likable cast of wacky characters and when they’re in action it gets real. This show takes it self pretty serious at times but it works. The scene where that girl was yelling at Misaka felt a little melodramatic but she had it coming. Now Misaka is in trouble…we’ll have to see what happens next time.

The CG is obviously but it doesn’t bother me to much. The action is fell directed and the sound effects are loud and make the show feel big. The soundtrack also fits nicely and adds another element to the excitement. I’m very surprised how well High School Fleet pulls off it’s naval battles. We saw the boys ships in this episode proving to us that guys do in fact exist in this world, with some of these other all girl shows you never know.


High School Fleet episode 5 was another exciting, high octane, chapter. I think the hamster thing might throw the story off later, maybe it’ll infect some of the guys and cause bedlam in the HareKaze. That’s the one thing that feels off to me so far, but that aside it’s a fun show.


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