(Single Review) CYaRon! Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!


The first sub unit of Aqour’s, CYaRon! comes storming out with their debut single “Genki Zekai Day! Day! Day! Or sorry “Genki Zekai DAY! DAY! DAY!”. CYaRon! is formed with main girl Chika, You and Ruby. The more cute voiced characters. How is their debut single? Continue to see my thoughts.


This thing is pumped right up. The singing is bad very bad…but I love it. I believe Chika takes the first verse, she tries to push out this cute voice so hard her voice cracks on one of the first lines. It sounds cute though. In the second verse I almost burst out laughing. I believe Ruby took the first part and she sounded ridiculous! It’s as if someone stuffed cotton balls in her mouth or squished her cheeks. It’s so charmingly bad I can’t help but go back and listen to it over and over again. She gets this “talking to baby” tone and it’s actually funny and cute at the same time. I really want to see how her voice actress looked doing that part, I doubt she stood still recording that.


I believe You takes the second parts of the verses, she does a pretty spazzy voice but pulls off the best tone of the group. Behind the vocals is a nice sounding track. It begins with a guitar lick right into a THUMP. Then the drums kicks in and the fury begins with the vocals doing a catchy phrase with an effect over them. During the first part of the verse we have some 80s sounding guitar. There are 2 guitars pumping along this song, one in the right channel keeps the rhythm going. Meanwhile a keyboard is playing this video game, Squid Girl sounding bit under it all. Listening to the off vocal version reveals a lot of layers under this song, like violins you won’t even notice other wise and some quiet percussion during the first part of the verse. The guitar on the right channel does some rhythm work over the solo jazzy guitar on the left during the pre-chorus. Then the guitar solo comes in between both of them. It’s a typical idol solo really, nothing overly memorable. The instrumental track is shockingly beefy on this thing.

I think “Genki Zekai DAY! DAY! DAY!” is a fun single, the singing really makes you go “um what?” at times. There is this crazy shriek before the guitar solo and some honestly not very pleasant loud harmonies before the last chorus. Idol songs always have a billion vocals track on them. CYaRon! (don’t forget the !) seems like it’ll be the Printemps of Aqours, but I already like this song more then a lot of Printemps songs (it ain’t better then “we are dancing everyday, dancing everyday” though).


The b-side “Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?”I have less to say about. It’s a ballad. The melody is not overly memorable. The guitar plays an Ace Frehley like lick at the end of the solo. This song is not awful but on my first listen it doesn’t sound like something I’ll come back to very often. I liked some of Muse’s ballads but in general idol ballads don’t do it for me very often. The guitar sounds very 80s on it, especially during the pre-chorus. The water sound effects are a nice touch for Aqour’s summer, seaside, theme. The girls singing is more straight on this track, their performances are alright. It ends on a non-conclusive note as well.


Overall the a-side is pretty decent, the singing as I said is goofy but it has it’s own special charm. There is a 15 minute drama bit at the end. There are some funny deliveries but listening to it doesn’t do much for me not understanding any of the words expect “idol” and theirs names. Chika says “idol” like a hundred times on here. There’s like a gladiator battle somewhere in here as well…and then it suddenly gets tense and urgent as the girls panic over…something. I have no idea what’s going on…but ya that’s CYaRon! and “Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!”, next up is AZALEA, which comes out near the end of the month. I wonder how different the other groups will sound? AZALEA looks good with Kanan and Dia. We’ll see what they got.


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