Spring 2016 Anime : My Picks


The Spring season begins once again, going on it’s 6th week there’s no time like now to give midway thoughts of the season. DoI like, do I hate do I think meh. Rave on.



A goofy comedy about a group of girls who like to ride motorcycles, I knew from the start this show was going to be for me. Not only because it’s cute girls doing unexpected things, but just because it has a good sense of humour. It’s been pretty fun so far, last episode had a ton of fan service which was unusual seeing how it’s been mostly clean, but I don’t mind personally. We’ll see where it goes, but for now it ties with the next show as my #1 pick this season.

Flying Witch


A really nice slow paced slice of life from J.C. Staff I knew this show was going to be good for 2 reasons. 1) Witches 2) miwa OP! I was so happy miwa got to do another anime song, hearing her voice makes me happy. As for the show it’s really great so far, it’s nice and laid back and feels very naturally. Attention is given to the body language of all the characters, especially Chinatsu and overall I feel it has a great tone and I enjoy watching it every Sunday morning! It ties with Bakuon!! for my show of the season.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto


Directored by the man behind two of animes greatest comedies, School Rumble and Daily Lives of High School Boys, Sakamoto is a pretty funny show about the coolest and most stylish cool on the planet. He’s cool, cooler, and coolest! I like this show so far, 4 episodes in and it has a good sense of humor. Sakamoto is unstoppable, he’s a legend! No one can mess him around. Behind this Sakamoto is a really nice guy who helps people out, this show is fun to see how overpowered this high school boy really is.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


A very enjoyable thrill ride, this show is pretty exciting and has lots of great action scenes. It’s your dark, gritty and edgy hype type show and I’m quite liking it so far.

Space Patrol Luluco


A 7 minute short by Trigger, this show is HILARIOUS! It’s so fricking funny! Crazy things happens and JUSTICE! NOT JUSTICE! Luluco transforms into a gun like Megatron and it’s awkward as hell. This is seriously a really funny show and I’m loving it so far. It’s Gurren Lagann + Kill la Kill + Inferno Cop. It’s golden and the funniest show this season.

High School Fleet


This one was a surprise. What seemed to be a cute girls doing cute things show about a seaside school turned out to be full on naval warfare. The members of the HaruKaze ship become fugitives at sea and have to battle their way through the sea. It surprised me, I didn’t expect it to take a turn like that. It’s hooked me in, the girls are fun and quirky and I’m having a good time with it. Who would’ve known?




Trigger’s new offering, I’m enjoying this show quite a bit. Focused on seven people who are forced together in an experiment where they share each others pain…it hasn’t really explained everything yet but basically it’s about seven weird and different characters forced to connect with each other. It’s really a character based story and isn’t anything like what I expected from Trigger. The art is nice and the OP song “Lay Your Hands On Me” is my favourite this season. The show doesn’t have much of a hook but I like the characters and am digging it overall so far.


Sansha Sanyou


I never expected this show to me anything but actually it’s pretty fun. It’s a basic show about 3 girls living their high school life but it has a good sense of humor and has some darker tones underneath the cute characters. Lots of good jokes and wacky humor in this show.

Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless


This is another slow healing type show. It’s about the laziest guy on Earth who’s only dream is to sleep all day. It’s very slow paced and takes it time, the humor is not in your face and it has great ambiance…ambulance. The girls are the only real loud element to the show, Tanaka his best friend just do their thing. It’s a decent light watch.



The story of a group of super unlucky girls, this show is funny to see what happens to the girls. Botan is especially funny, being so fragile everything hurts her. The last episode (5) was corny as hell but when this show has it’s humor at full blast it does well, even if it’s pretty silly. It has a very nice colour pallet with lots of shines. I’m enjoying it fine so far. WORST OP OF THE SEASON THOUGH!



Even though it’s a cliche show by looks, a guy being surrounded by girls, if D-Frag thought us anything it’s to never judge a show by it’s set-up. However Netoge is not D-Frag, nothing is D-Frag, it’s a decent story about a girl who’s way too into games and a group of people trying to help her. I like the themes this show presents and how the game is used, it lends to some nice moments. If this show goes the romance route it’ll be good, but if it gets into harem traits then I don’t know how good it’ll turn out in the end.



This show has a not bad mystery, it balances it’s cast pretty well and there is enough interest to keep watching,m even when it gets a little silly. I’m hoping Mayoiga doesn’t have a stupid ending and the mysterious pay off, I have a feeling it could end in a silly manner, but from where it’s headed now I think it’s doing not bad. The art is really nice as are the character designs. Lovepon <3.

Ace Attorney


I never played the games but I’m having fun with this show. It’s like an old fashion Saturday morning cartoon. The court cases are silly and completely unrealistic but I feel it’s enjoyable.. It feels a lot like a video game at times. The simple art style works and I like Phoenix and everyone else.

Joker Game


This show falls out of my taste range but I think it’s not bad for what it is. The last few episodes have been kinda meh, it’s now focusing on the individual spies rather then the story it was setting up with the first 2 episodes. I kinda zone out during the episodes and I feel it’s not a show for me but I’ll try to see it through to the end.

Big Order


This show is a disaster, a trainwreck, but I’m having so much fun. When you don’t take it seriously it’s actually kinda funny and completely absurd. I was no fan of Mirai Nikki so I went into this expecting to dislike it. But it’s pretty enjoyable since it’s so bad it’s good. The main character is terrible and the writing is amateur at best. But sometimes a trainwreck is funner to watch then a mediocre show.

My Hero Academia 


This show is pretty standard in every regard. The main character is a typical underdog who suddenly becomes the strongest ever. I don’t really care for the majority of the cast and his rival is too much of an asshole. Some of the other super powered kids are cool but overall I’m not feeling this show that much. I will try to finish it though as it’s not a poorly made show. It has heart for whatever that’s worth.

Twin Star Exorcists


I’m on the edge of dropping this one, it’s a cliche shounen and the male lead is boring as hell. He is annoying and way too overpowered, plus I feel his design is ugly. The OP for this show is really cool and the animation of Bentio powering up during the chorus is stellar and something I rewind sometimes, but overall it’s not a very interesting show. I like the boy and girl fighting duo aspect but when you only like one of the characters it kinda loses a bit. I’ll give it another chance or two, but for the most part I just zone out for the length of the episodes.

I’m also watching a lolt fo shorts but none of them are worth bring up besides Luluco. Overall this season has a lot to offer for me and I’m enjoying it a lot so far. Most ofthe good shows air on the weekend though! Too much at once!




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  1. Schrodingers Cat says:

    Healing shows are great this season. ❤


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