Best Ever Rock Songs #2 : Detroit Rock City


“Rock And Roll All Nite” may be their signature song but this 1976 rocker from the band’s 4th album Destroyer is KISS’ true masterpiece.

“Detoirt Rock City” is the best structured KISS song next to “Black Diamond”. It has a strong lead in,and a memorable riff and melody that is built on in the two solo sections. Bob Ezrin is the reason this song is what it is. The original demo is much looser and in a more standard rock format with lots of guitar noddling all over the place. Bob took this decent rock song and made it into a true classic, removing the guitar noddling in favour for a melodic harmony bit and pushing Peter Criss to the best of his abilities, listen to his ghost notes on the snare in this song. Gene Simmons’ also plays a strong bassline. Bob pushed KISS to the best of their abilities at the time and as a result Destroyer stands as I believe the best album in their catalogue.

The orignal demo for reference. It’s good but Bob Ezrin made it into something much more memorable.


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