Bakuon!! : Episode 6 Review


Stay Safe.

This Time On Bakuon!!

  • The girls set-up a race for the cultural festival. A betting race.
  • Everyone gets tunes up for their bike.
  • Frizzy’s dad pulls out a super bike for her to use in the race.


After a really funny fan service fuelled episode Bakuon!! has gone back to normal, just like nothing happened. I thought it was funny how the teacher wasn’t shown or even mentioned. I bet she’s still tied up at the hotel. Anyway in this episode the girls are getting ready for a big race.  The focus is on tune ups, going right back to a motorcycle focused episode. The flashback scene was hilarious, showing how amazing Raimu was at betting. The joke payed off well, I figured Raimu would buy one of those crappy bikes, not all of them! Her friends all used her and Raimu is revealed to be even older then we thought, buying betting tickets in high school. Something is going to go down between Raimu and the principal next episode, especially with betting in place.


Hane was also hilarious, I really like her character. She’s such a charming, harmless idiot. Frizzy tells her about a “Happy Meter” where a motorcycle’s speedometer will be set too high so Hane decided the ultimate bike mod would be to make new meters out of paper. “Ultra Happy Meter”! She was so proud of it and was so excited to show her friends thinking it was a genius idea, but Rin and Frizzy instantly ripped it off their bikes. Then Hane gets Raimu to tune up her bike and a a billion mirrors and turn signals. Oh Hane. Frizzy and Rin argue once again, I can bet the next episode will be intense for them. While they fight I predict either Hane or Raimu will win…I think Hane will surprise everyone.


This episode ended so fast! I literally went “that’s it?’ when it ended. Next episode should be fun, I hope there is an actual winner in the race between the four of them and the show doesn’t pull anything silly, I actually want to see who will win. So Bakuon!! went right back to what it was but was light on comedy this time. There where a lot of decent mini jokes though. It’s the middle episode and a build up to the next so it felt the weakest so far but I hope the race will be amusing.


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