Best Ever Rock Songs #3 : Born To Run


Bruce Springsteen’s exciting career defining anthem “Born To Run” from 1975. The song that was to make or break his career ending up kicking off one of the most smashing run of albums in mainstream music history.

Bruce had one last chance to make it in the music world. His first two albums barely sold anything and the record company was ready to drop him, he had only one chance left and this next album was to decide his fate. “Born To Run” was it’s name and the first single from the record. This song is desperate, it’s exciting, explosive, angtsy and perfect. Bruce worked this thing over and over until every single thing was right, making his band try new things take after take, laying down a million guitar tracks, changing the lyrics, all until it was just as he desired and what a song it turned out to be. A simple love story that is as romanized as the other songs off the record, it presents a youthful naive view of getting out. The last verse on this thing is goosebump raising. Compared to the first verse this song picks up a lot of different elements in instrumentation as it goes on, building into one final blast of energy. The lyrics reach a high “the highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power ride“, it sounds frantic and by the end you feel exhausted. “Born To Run” is not even my favourite song on it’s album (that would be “Thunder Road”), but it’s a truly exciting rock anthem that was to either make or break Bruce’s career. It has a passion and fire that is unparalleled. This is a man fighting for his life.


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