Best Ever Rock Songs #4 : Day Tripper


The Beatles’ flip of the double a-sided “We Can Work It Out” single is this 1965 classic “Day Tripper”.

Built off a simple yet iconic riff this tune is an absolute jam. When thinking of the Beatles’ best rock song there are a million different choices. My pick might go to “Day Tripper” as it’s the one I go to most often. It’s a simple and tight song, the verses are just the same phrase repeated twice but it’s so effective, especially with the riff under it and John smashing out chords on rhythm. Ringo rides in on a tom roll (practice your tom rolls kids) and keeps it steady until the end where he gets in some tasteful fills. After the second chorus the song gets a little crazy, changing keys and upping intensity over John’s quick “Ticket To Ride” style solo. The rhythm guitar and backing vocals get higher and higher until it stops for a quick break only to smash back in on a tambourine shake and tom roll. Listen in the choruses as John Lennon’s vocal tone slices through Paul McCartney’s. What’s also great is the intro, starts with George, then Paul comes in playing the same riff but higher, then John & Ringo join before kicking the thing off. “Day Tripper” may not be the Beatles at their most complex but it’s a remarkablely tight and well structured 2 minute rock gem.


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