Netoge : Episode 6 Review


I’m Looking Through You.


He did it, HE ACTUALLY DID! Rusian confessed to Ako, no bullshit, no fake out, he did it! and she said no. WHAT.

HOLD ON-There’s a post credit scene?

Ooooh, okay, jeez we’re all good folks. I often check for post credit scenes but I didn’t this time. I thought Ako saying no was going to lead to some BS storyline with the next episodes but instead it was used as a joke. Okay not bad Netoge, you fooled me there. I typed a whole 3 paragraphs of this review before I found out about the post credit scene.


Still with Ako’s mindset those two will never be a normal couple however with Rusian’s confession out of the way we are going down the path away from the harem. Good. I said in my episode 5 review I wanted Ako and Rusian to become a couple already and it looks like that has been confirmed in this episode…OR HAS IT. I dunno.


As for the rest of the episode, the gang helps Ako study then Master announces a camping trip (tactical swimsuit episode inbound). The question now becomes…what swimsuits will they wear? Two pieces only please and if I can request zebra stripes or polka dots would be great. Will we have the classic trying stuff on scene where either a) Ako is stripped by the girls or b) She asks Rusian what he thinks, to which he gets all red,embarrassed and or nose bleeds. This show has shown to do more creative ways around classic tropes already, like the walk in changing scene last episode,so I hope if the beach episode is trope heavy then it has good jokes and changes up of common scenes.


Sette still seems like a useless character. Now that Ako’s jealously arc is over Sette has no real purpose in the story and seems to be a cardboard character. I think she’s pretty suscipicious though so she might have some kind of evil plan up her shelve. Watch as she’s like #1 in the game on another account or maybe that guy in the flashback in the beginning…I think something is up with her, that’s why she’s had a scene in this episode. Sette’s design somehow managed to look worse after she transformed. Other then that I am liking Segawa quite a bit, I like her expressions, Master still is kind of undefined.


The art in this episode felt a bit off. This studio did Girls Beyond The Wasteland last season and a lot of the issues there where in this episode. Such as stiff and awkward background characters and some poor detailing. I feel bad dissing art because I know how pressured studios are to pump out episodes week after week but there where a lot of short cuts here, like frames held for really long and some awkward sequences. This show saves all the heavy shading for the stitch ready lewd scenes. Think of how divine Ako’s body looked in the last episode.

I am happy that the confession is out of the way and everything half way through the show. I was ready to post some choice words about the ending but the post credit scene smoothed it out. I should’ve predicted this! Overall Netoge episode 6 was not bad, there was a little more boob jiggling then normal (Master’s in game design would never perfectly cover those nips in real life) but no big scene, I guess that’ll be saved for the beach episode! Let’s see what happens next time on Netoge!



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