Netoge : Episode 7 Review


Roll Over Hestia.


Oh boy it’s beach time. In this episode the gang goes to Master’s supreme beach house and has beach fun. They do all the things, like swim, play volleyball, split a watermelon, have an old person tell them to live their youth better, and of course fireworks. In the latter part of the episode the gang goes to some hotel for their Runescape event when Rusian gets hacked?


This episode was decent. The beach scene has almost all of the bikini goodness you would want, man oh man, Ako looked good in this episode. Holy Hestia with those twin tails. The things they do are normal for any anime. Rusian actually confesses to Ako again, I was so surprised it didn’t get interrupted. I’m so used to build up then interruption with confession scenes, so when it pays off it’s like ‘YES!” But then Ako is still disillusional so it’s like “NO!”.


Speaking of which Ako presented herself nude for Rusian two episodes ago, why is she embarrassed about being in a bikini this time? Then Master wears the most racy bikini but Ako still has her beat. It’s those blue eyes. Anyway after the beach scene the hotel stuff seemed a little strange. The game has a big event going on at this hotel but you don’t get a feel that anything is happening. While you see plushes and decorations around you don’t see other players, the hotel scene felt empty.

Rusian got hacked which will most likely lead to some kind of misunderstanding with Ako. But they are in hotel rooms next to each other so all he has to do is walk over and explain what happened.


Something else worth noting. I think Rusian and Ako are fine characters and Segawa is the best but Master and the teacher are pretty standard. I’ve seen Master’s character many times. Chitose in D-Frag!, Miou in Sabagebu, all of them are the same weird but powerful club leaders. The teacher just talks about wasted youth and stuff, she isn’t very interesting and her cat speak isn’t cute. I’m beginning to wonder if Ako is ever going to get better as the show goes on, she improves bit by bit but I think she’s still just as absorbed in the game world.

The art in this episode was spotty but not bad when it came to the image stitch ready pans. There was some awkwardly drawn frames though. When Ako runs out in her bikini for the first time the sequence is super choppy and her hips and boobs change shape atleast 80 times.  Once again the show piles everything into these bits, putting all the animators to work to make your heart go boom. The scene where Segawa was flailing fireworks and got thrown by the teacher looked pretty decent actually, it stood out to me.


Netoge episode 7 was not bad. There was nothing unseen with the beach part, just kind of what one would expect. Lots of boobs and butt close ups and even an, actually very tame sunscreen applying bit. The girls all apply it on Rusian and instead of going “sweet, three hot girls are touching me” he acts like he was brutally violated. In reality the guy would be embarrassed, but only because he’d have to try to hide the rising power in his pants. There was also a bath scene where Ako saw Rusian’s love gun. It wasn’t the most necessary scene but whatever.

I don’t know about where the plot is going but the episode itself was enjoyable for what is was. The last episode of Sansha Sanyou had a beach scene as well expect it was way more innocent. Summer’s a-coming.


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