5 Cool Albums For The Summer

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I was going to type something cheesy but I cringed so here are some of my best picks for summer vibe albums this season!

Van Halen : Diver Down


Chill out with this fun collection of hard rock and oddities. Diver Down gives off nothing but summer vibes, from the yearning opener “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” to the very airy “Secrets”, to the party “Dancing In The Street” to just complete oddball tracks like “Big Bad Bill” which contains a shredding clarinet solo. It’s a bit of a weird album, containing 5 covers and (not including instrumentals and intros) only 4 originals. But they are very strong tracks, Diver Down is a fun listen for a hot day.


Aerosmith : Greatest Hits


Grab yourself a cooler and lay yourself low with Aerosmith’s first and best greatest hits album. No it doesn’t have “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” or “Cryin'” instead this 10 track comp contains the biggest songs from the bands 70s run. It’s an album I always like to break out when the snow melts. Tunes like ‘Same Old Song and Dance” and “Walk This Way” are choice cuts for the season, have some fun with this selection of 70s rock!


YUI : Holidays In The Sun

If there was one album to best capture every part of summer it would be Yui’s phenomenal Holidays In The Sun. Throughout this rather cohesive listen you will feel as if your going through the months with Yui. She encapsulates a variety of feelings to paint a vivid picture of the season in all it’s forms. In the middle of the album you can basically feel the August heat beat down on tracks like “Summer Song” and the carefree “Driving Happy Life”. In the last two songs summer break comes to an end as ‘It’s All Too Much” rocks out, bringing with it Fall. “Kiss Me” ends the album on a very reflective and melancholic note. It’s as if she’s looking back at a long lost time. Let Yui soundtrack your summer this year.

Katy Perry : Teenage Dream

Hello 2010, remember when Katy Perry dominated airwaves for a whole entire year with a seeming never ending stream of hits! Teenage Dream is so packed it’s almost a greatest hits album. On Katy’s second album she took a much more standard pop approach and delivered an excellent collection of very memorable songs that I’m sure are burnt into most of our minds at this point. From one summer to the next these songs where everywhere, I can’t listen to this album without thinking back. Even beyond the hits there are prime album tracks like “Hummingbird Heartbeat” and “Not Like The Movies”. It’s a good time pop album!

Joe Walsh : But Seriously…Folks

Slowing emerging from underwater it’s But Seriously…Folks. Joe Walsh’s first solo album after joining the Eagles is full of introspective and retrospective songs. Every track flows into the next and it’s great for anytime, the beginning of summer, middle of winter, whatever. But it does feel like an end of summer type of album. On “Indian Summer” Joe looks back on a simpler time…far away, on ‘Over And Over” + “Tomorrow” he focused on rejuvenation and the quest to better one self. “Boat Theme For Weirdos” is a stunning curious instrument that literally would be amazing to listen to on a boat. The last song “Life’s Been Good” looks back on it all with a smile, “life’s been good to me so far” Joe sings ending the album on a very positive note. It’s a very strong listen that focuses on a different side of the season rather then the funny sunny part.

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