Netoge : Episode 10 Review


I Get Up…and Everything Gets Me Down


Things reach the final stage in Netoge as the group enters into a special event in the game where players fight to conquer castles or something, it’s like king of the hill I guess with some PvP and stuff. In the real world school starts again after the games spicy summer break and the cultural festival is coming up. The gang seeks to claim the fortress in game and snap a picture, using it to display their clubs achievements for the festival.

So of course the school festival is an ever classic for shows like this, after the beach and bath episodes you knew it was coming. I do feel the show is picking up again, I didn’t much care for the last two episodes, #9 felt like a laid back filler to show the relations with the three girls and the whole arc with the summer break stuff and Rusian’s account being hacked was fairly weak.


School is back in season this time and the hi-jinks ensue. There was a lot of slapstick in the game as the group practiced PvP with each other and failed over and over in the siege game. It was actually pretty funny to see Master getting destroyed since she is the premium member of the bunch, I felt this episode showed her character a little better then before. Segawa was good in this one and now Ako is faced with another issue. Her class is doing a maid cafe and they’ve given her the role as the head maid. Now she has to set up all kinds of things, giving her a real life problem to take care of.


In the beginning of the episode Ako forgets to go to school. She calls Rusian and oh boy…she’s chilling out in her room playing games in the nude with her blinds open. For her character that’s actually pretty believable. As always there are random shots with boobs in view and a lot of shots of Master’s body. In the intro Rusian talks about a group he used to play with and it’s very clear that scene was only in the show to introduce the characters later, I believe it’s them at the end of the episode. The pink haired girl also is hiding something, I think she has very malicious intentions, I don’t know what her point in the show is but it’s likely she might turn on the group or do something else later on. The side cast is very weak in this show, especially Rusian’s pointless group of friends.


So Netoge is getting into it’s last stretch and I think it’s a well fit arc to end on. This episode was decent. The group is now working together with all their allies, armed with a motivation to win the PvP.


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