Hibike! Euphonium 2 : Episode 8 Review


Family dynamics explode, Kumiko caught a cold and Asuka’s gettin’ bold in episode 8 of Hibike! Euphonium 2. Read on for my review. Let it stew, until it turns to morning dew.


Tensions stir in Kumiko’s house as Mamiko argues with her parents about dropping out of college to pursue another interest. Meanwhile at the club Asuka’s attendance is still spotty. The one time she does show up Kumiko tries to question her, but unable to break her facade she gets invited to Asuka’s house to study for her Math midterm. After this encounter Asuka disappears again and Kumiko gets sick. She fights with her sister, Mamiko then remembers why her Kumiko started band in the first place and in the end asks to hear her play. The episode ends back at the club where Taki announces Nagisa will replace Asuka if she doesn’t return.


This was a good episode, we got to learn more about Kumiko’s relationship with her sister. Mamiko is going through a hard time and her life feels like a real mess. As usual in anime when Kumiko is sick at home she wakes up to Reina chilling in her room. Anime friends never let you down but honestly if I woke up and someone was randomly in my room I wouldn’t be as cool about it. Yuri vibes are tamed which is good. Even though I’ve stated that’s the biggest draw in the show, watching season 2 now reminds me that it’s really not. It’s the cast in general, they’re all interesting characters and the show is very grounded. 


Also in this episode Asuka snaps right back to her fake energetic demeanor, I don’t get why she invited Kumiko over but if that ever does happen the drama will take heed. Now are we talking Idolmaster Chihaya arc levels of drama here? Kumiko banging on her door “COME OUT! YOU HAVE TO PLAY!”. Nah, the show is a lot more subtle then that. But in the end I would assume it will work out after some big event. Oh, what if on the day of nationals Nagisa has practiced and is ready to go and then Asuka just shows up like she did in the last episode! We’ll see, Asuka continues to be a mystery. Just when we think she’s figured out…bam. But yes Hibike episode 8, it’s still doing good.



Hibike Euphonium’s second season has been driving the goods in terms of art, animation and characters. There was a lot of melodrama in the first arc, but the cast is very strong. Kumiko, Asuka, Reina, they are all characters with a lot of dimensions. There is great passion for the theme, concert band, and in the first season there were some hard hitting bits like the trumpet battle revolving around the theme of talent vs. hard work. Season 2 is just more goodness, it’s something I get into every week.

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