Akiba’s Trip : Episode 1 Review

Take off your clothes, the time has come for…oh actually this is even worse. The time has not come for indecent exposure but rather to strip others. Okay…well, no. Akiba’s Trip The Animation!

Based off the PS3 game where you strip vampires in Akihabara, we have an anime version which features different characters from Undead & Undressed. It follows the tale of Tamotsu, a normal otaku chilling in Akihabara with his sister Niwaka. Suddenly a girl falls from the sky and engages in a battle where she swings at punk with a bat…here it comes…WHAT CAN YOU DO *ahem* she fights baddies and strips them to their undies leaving them cooking in the sun as she escapes. Tamotsu thinks it’s a public performance and moves on to the figure store where he spots a limited edition Liver figure from his favorite series Anatomy Rangers.

Anatomy Rangers. This guy is into a show where the characters are named after organs. Amazing. He goes to grab the rare figure when Arisa arrives, she got big boobies, blonde hair, a thick body and is maybe French because she says “moi” all the time. Great, Japan shows once more what they think foreigners look like. What do they think of Foreigner then? Personally I feel “Rev On The Redline” is their best work but anyway. Arisa grabs the figure and expresses her desire to repaint it, Tamotsu gets excited meeting someone so into Anatomy Rangers and they become friends before the baseball batted red head explodes in to fight Arisa thinking she is “bugged”. In this case bugged people are these vampires who are taking over Akihabara and chilling with Nixon. The only way they can be stopped is by stripping them, thus exposing them to the air and making them normal again. Ya it’s that kind of show. Ecchi caps on, brain goo release. Tamotsu runs into the red head again, helps her out, gets stabbed and through the power of a long held kiss becomes super powered like her, thus joining her team in fighting the bugs. Bam.

So basically we have a typical fighting girl meets normal boy type story. He was a boy, she was a girl and now he’s in on it all. Of course as soon as Tamotsu gets his powers he is able to destroy the baddies Mayoka struggled against. It’s an average set-up but it does the job. First things first the action. I was alarmed by the violent and speed of the fights here. There where quick but cool bits of animation, Mayoka really gets a pounding. The baddies take her skirt off ‘cuz panties then punch her till she looks like Rocky II. Lots of impact to the hits. It was all pretty light and silly however, it’s not a super serious show after all, they’re stripping vampires in Akihabara.

For characters we have Tamotsu, he is dorky and quite passionate about what he likes. One funny thing is he’s written his own novel which he references and quotes to other people! He was rather likable, even if he’s standard. Arisa is the playful foreign blonde, kind of an airhead but also a super powered fighter. Mayoka really didn’t get too much personality yet, she seems cool but is fairly nice and gets our hero into her world. The cast isn’t instantly amazing and I don’t except much out of them but it’s a likable bunch. Animation wise it looks great. The cartoony style works very well and makes the ecchi more silly then sexy. Arisa’s boobs are super pointy and the stripping scenes look more goofy then anything, just a simple rip and reaction. No nudity but no annoying censoring either, logical choices. Did I mention this is made by Gonzo? Whaaat Gonzo is still around? Nice, I hear their ahead on schedule to so if this show can keep up the quality it should be nice to look at the whole time.

The ecchi in this episode was fluffy, it didn’t really register as much. The tone is light overall and it was pretty fun. The idea is silly and the Akihabara makes this show’s intended audience very clear. Voice acting was decent here but the cool thing is Funimation is releasing the dubbed episodes 30 or so minutes right after the broadcast! Just like they did with Space Dandy. Crunchyroll is also streaming it, this partnership is badass. I’m not watching the dub but this is cool. Sub wise I thought Aina Suzuki, who performed 2016’s biggest lesbian Mari from Love Live! Sunshine!!, was voicing Arisa but it turns out Yuki Nagaku, who has few roles behind her yet, is. Rie Takahashi, one of the industry’s biggest rising stars, is voicing Mayoka.

Overall the first episode of Akiba’s Trip was quite enjoyable. It has some cool fast action, fun dorky characters, a good setting and a silly concept. I don’t expect too much out of it but if this is anything to go by I think it will be a fun watch! If you’re down with the idea and don’t mind some typical fanservice then this might be one to check out! It’s nothing to lose your shirt over, but maybe just maybe it’s worth a sock or two.

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