Masamune-Kun’s Revenge : Episode 1 Review

Hot people always get their way. That is the message of Masamune-Kun or atleast this first episode. Like it or not that is a truth of this world and the show rolls with it. So how is this tale of revenge’s debut? Let’s see.

Our hero Makabe was once a fat lard but he was rejected by his crush Aki. Bro trains and gets super buff and aims to get a great start at a new high school, everyone loves him but then he meets Aki again and his prior trauma returns. and things get worse when he discovers Aki and her lap dog Yoshino in a gym shed. Aki’s secret…she’s super gay. No she just eats a lot of food. BIG TWIST, Aki a growing high school girl eats a ton of food because she needs to get a lot of calories and a proper sugar intake and she’s also self conscious about her stomach rumbling. Makabe now tries to get it good with Aki so he can make her fall in love with him then dump her in the most awesome of ways for his revenge!

Aki is the “Cruel Princess” she hates all guys and rejects them horribly, giving them awful nicknames and basically killing their social lives in one swing. She has a fleet of girls at her command and looks down her nose at everyone. One day a nerd she labeled “Pudding Prince” gets back at her, trying to cut off one of her twin tails. Finally jeez, Aki makes herself look powerful but all it takes to get her on the ropes is a slightly heated confrontation. But of course Makabe white knights her at the last second, thus saving her hair and…maybe life? I dunno bro is pretty chill with the nerd later. This guy gets the nerve to attack Aki with scissors and Makabe is patting him on the shoulder the next day like ya it’s all good. You fricking psycho it’s all good. Wtf is this show. Ooooh but yes of course Aki knows Makabe is the fatlard from before and now the antics begins. Siiiiigh.

This show is dumb man. I mean it’s just a typical overblown high school harem type show but…it’s base is so weak. There is no reason Aki should hold any power, she’s tiny and only gets by because her grades are good and she’s pretty. Her personality is wicked, she’s the ultimate bitch. She treats Yoshino poorly and only seems to care about herself. Somehow guys keep confessing to her when meanwhile all the other girls in the school are really sweet. You know in a way that is realistic, the guys go with their dicks and ignore the nice girls to go after the one they can’t have. Okay I can get it, and ya Makabe is handsome so he gets his way. Bro is not even that handsome tho, he just looks like Kirito. There’s one scene where he’s looking at girls play tennis and the girls give the innocent geek nearby crap instead of him. This is realistic actually so I do give the show points for portraying the realities of high school like this.

Naturally this is a silly show where kids rule the world. Aki stands on a rooftop and talks over a loud speaker to reject a guy. Yoshino unrolls a scroll as well. and suddenly everyone hates this guy because he reads a genderbender manga and writes his own self insert novels online. Also because he has a chest mole with a single hair sticking out. Again this show does reflect things pretty well even if it’s…just annoying. The big juice Makabe has on Aki is her appetite. Like ooooh she eats a lot of food. Unless she pukes it out later or wears a Slimming Belt Waist Waistband Wrap Shaper (buy one now only $29.99) who cares? Why is it such a big deal that she eats a lot of food? THAT’S THE BIG JUICE? REALLY? How weak, what an awful and truly lazy base.

Plot convicne runs high here and all the events tring together in a very clumsy and sloppy manner. The flashback with Makabe and AKi doesn’t tell enough, it makes it seem like maybe Aki was friendly with him but…I dunno. She wasn’t mean when rejecting him either. The idea of a fatkid becoming super buff is fine, he gets motivated and does his best to improve himself, cool. Even the idea of getting his revenge on a mean girl is fine and you know how this show is going to end up. He’ll be like “I hate you so much I’m going to make you fall in love with me so I can crush you heart!” then in time he’ll be like “oh I really do love you”. It’s so predictable, you can figure it all out. Meanwhile Makabe makes fast friends with an actual kind and friendly girl, and Yoshino is also portrayed as being a decent person. So…what’s Aki? Is she likable? Feeeh not yet. But the idea of an unlikely lead character is good, I think that’s kind of awesome actually. But we’ll see how it plays out.

Now with all these themes it depends how the show will take them and where it will go. The set-up is unfortunately realistic but it’s portrayed in a goofy over the top high school manner. This show could actually turn out to be good, that’s the thing. This episode didn’t leave me feeling meh, there was much I disliked about the idea but I also see a light here. Aki acts like a super bitch but she also is incredibly self conscious and maybe just awkward inside. She’s the rich girl so maybe there is a likable person in her. I am interested to see how the cast is fleshed out. Makabe knows how to play the game, he is also self conscious and puts on the hot guy act to make all the girls love him. I sense human elements to these two. You feel bad for Yoshino right away, she’s a faithful servant of Aki’s and she is given no respect. But there has to be a reason she hangs around Aki.

Masamune-Kun has potential if it explores it’s idea better, right now it feels doofy and annoying but it has these elements of real high school life and there are maybe more sides to the cast we don’t know yet. I don’t see this show being amazing in the end and in fact I can already sense many classic tropes coming on. But we’ve seen mean girls melt in anime before, Toradora turned out pretty good when Taiga was fleshed out. Aki seems like she’s putting on as much of an image as Makabe is, acting cold and cool so no one thinks she’s weak, these characters reflect each other. They are both fakers who play the game. They know the rules and…so do I? I dunno.

On a production level the show is actually quite nice. There are cool blue tints to everything and the animation is solid. Aki is really the only good looking character design in the show, the rest of the cast is kind of…flat in a way. Makabe has a loli mom which is kind of amazing. I like the details on Aki’s face, she has this real mean gaze. Also her legs, this is a leg show everyone. Lots of leg shots, this is a slight ecchi afterall but I doubt we’ll get a lot of fanservice here, only typical things. We have many good seiyuus in this show and ChouCho’s ED is fantastic! Fricking ChouCho, I love her, all her anime songs are awesome. They’re so perfectly fit and done well in that ani-pop style. This one “Elemetal World” is a solid mid-tempo tune. It’s honestly the best part of this episode! The OP is very meh.

Overall the first episode of Masamune-Kun’s Revenge leaves me going….hhhhm. In a way I think it sucks, in another way I see how it could go in a good direction. I tried the manga before but I thought it completely blew. It does have a unique enough set-up in the fat kid gets buff and tries to strike back at the girl that rejected him, bro is super motivated. If this show explores it’s cast and themes then it should be good. I do hope it gets deeper into things, because there is something here, it might not be a pretty thing but it is a thing. However this is not nearly a serious enough thing to actually give us deep themes and meanings, it’s a goofy high school show.

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2 Responses to Masamune-Kun’s Revenge : Episode 1 Review

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    Haven’t seen it but read a couple of chapters of the manga. What I felt then was that it’s a cool premise that I wish woulda been handled better. :/ I think the whole idea of wanting to reinvent yourself into an awesome person and coming back to get revenge is actually relatable. Even if it is deplorable.


    • The Manimal says:

      It is a great concept, a guy who actually improves himself and wants to seek revenge. Soon enough he’ll most likely find some good qualities about Aki and come to like her but I just don’t like the overall set-up. Something about it doesn’t quite do it for me. But I will continue to see where it goes.


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