My Shameless Post of Self Promotion


I make the music and upload it. This is my stupid new “album” or whatever. It sucks but here it is. Read more if you reeeally want to know more but…I kind of doubt anyone does. It’s all me on every track, I’m a one man band and I use a Rockband mic of all things to record so it sounds bad.

My musical influences seem to be Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth, The Misfits, Ac/Dc, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Smiths, Nirvana, even a bit of Kero Kero Bonito lyrically and stuff. My stuff is real dumb you now but I’m working on making cool rock music infused with silliness and petty lyrics.

My “album” of sorts is called You Get The Point. It’s dumb and badly paced but my goal is just to make a lot of music and hope to get good from that. Little bits of noise, but it’s a mostly just dumb rock release with 12-string action on a few songs, and even an acoustic track. After School Me Time opens with Sonic Youth noise into…whatever it is, inspired by their song The Srawl. From There to Where is inspired by Siouxsie and The Banshees. Pretty Kitty is meant to break into a bit akin to Nirvana’s Bleach album almost. Lab Goat is Sex Pistols like, sort of a rip off of Submission I admit. Alex Troubleback is Nirvana inspired,

Space Touch is a dumb one akin to Crime, Hot Wire My Heart which Sonic Youth covered on their great record Sister. Ombelico Forte is my dumbest song, it’s just…stupid. Glue is like the Misfits, Ramones and stuff with attempted but failed Buddy Holly vocal cracks. This Belief is an odd one with a Sonic Youth cool down. Theme For The Furthest Reach is a nasty one that is dedicated to an unfortunate happening. and Poptart Hero is my big dumb noisy rock finale.


My singing is awful, my drumming sounds like garbage because I record with a Rockband mic. My guitar playing is all I’m confident about, even that can be iffy. I’m working on improving and in releasing music that others might here it helps me a lot, even if no one listens! If you do manage to somehow listen to a song I appreciate it sooo much. I know it’s no good, but I’m working on it!

Image result for azusa guitar

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I like to talk about things and stuff. It's cool.
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