My Top 15 Anime of 2016

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Here we have it, my top 15 anime of the 38 I watched this year. It was a great time I had, many awesome shows! Especially for someone like me who favors cute girl slice of life shows, there was no shortage of that. This is my own list with some very very short reviews! Enjoy!

15. Sansha Sanyou

Cute girls slice of life with an actually great cast and wonderful animation, nice. Yoko is an awkward formerly rich girl who know lives off bread crusts and mayo. She makes fast friends and slice of life antics ensue. Some of the side characters are weak but the main three are quite good and again, the animation is awesome. 

14. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

For a few episodes this was an amazing thrill ride with great visuals and in the end it turned out…kind of dumb but it does well as an anime in which cool things are constantly happening. Watch it for the cool action movie factor, not so much the story. 

13. New Game!

A great fluffy slice of life with a fun setting and colourful cast! New Game is a lot of fun, it’s super comfy and cute.

12. Bakuon!

In this picture Jesus with a bowl on his head is slapping a high school girl who got a racy motorcycle mag thinking the girl on the cover met it was for girls. I will say no more.

11. Keijo

Girls battle with boobs and butt and thanks to it’s serious brand of comedy it all works very nicely. Keijo is dumb and rolls with it, creating an almost surreal atmosphere where this sport is for real. There stakes and very real themes underneath something that is so goofy. This show just works so well! 

10. Hibike! Euphonium 2

Great character dynamics, beautiful animation…Hibike season 2 really hit it gold this time. It slows it down and focuses on developing Kumiko and Asuka, unraveling much of the mystery behind the troubled black haired beauty.

9. Flip Flappers

A creative and fun adventure, not the best finale but the journey was sooo good man oh man. There are episodes of this show too good to exist such as the desert one and the super robot bit. It’s just great for the art value, however it doesn’t wrap up quite as well unfortunately. 

8. Space Patrol Luluco

Trigger. What more can be said of this ridiculous and amazingly epic short. Not only does it connect the world of all Trigger shows like Inferno Cop and Kill la Kill, Space Patrol Luluco is just incredible fun. Trigger does it again. 

7. Amanchu

One of the most lovely slow moving slice of live anime… a beautiful production. I nominate the pool scene as my favorite moment of anime 2016. The art is amazing and it touches on some great and very relatable themes. Maaya Sakamoto’s OP “Million Clouds” is my favorite OP of 2016. 


Please give us more anime in this binge watch style, I had an amazing time watching this fantastic show. The tale of a 27 year old who goes back to high school is not so much about a man screwing around but rather helping the lives of those around him. There is great drama and development here. It’s such a great tight show. 

5. High School Fleet

Moe girls fight in battleships it’s so good. High School Fleet knows how to balance it’s theme well, it’s cool but also rather light. The action scenes are awesome and there is comedy throughout. It was a var satisfying narrative as well. 

4. Flying Witch

Amanchu was lovely but J.C. Staff’s Spring 2016 slice of life gem Flying Witch is simply remarkable and a whimsy, joyful, and inspired production. It was a joy to watch each week and it hit it’s tone masterfully. Also miwa’s op was great. Love miwa.

3. Assassination Classroom 2

A fantastic end to the story, we got a full and very satisfying adaptation here! It was such a great journey and…the ending was…ya. Ass Class balances it’s cast well and is a ton of fun. It’s also good when it gets serious to. We spend so much time getting to know the cast that by the time season 2 comes around the emotional impact hits. 

2. Love Live! Sunshine!!

The greatest lesbian drama of 2016. Love Live Sunshine is super angsty and dramatic, but also a well made and wonderful looking show. It has great slapstick comedy as well as a likable cast. It’s similar to the original but the very theme of the show is about the girls breaking away from Muses’ inspiration and becoming their own thing. A second season will do better I believe but this was great. 

#1. Konosuba 

Sitting on top the pile is KonoSuba, a brilliant comedy that is way better then what anyone could’ve guessed. The cast is solid and the comedy just hits it. Introducing jokes and exploring them instead of being repetitive. The fantasy world is also nice, simple and has a real feeling of scope. These characters are just a bunch of weirdos in a bigger world and it’s their story of dealing with each other, even when they are kind of dumb. Konosuba is by far my anime of 2016.

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    Woo! ReLife! It’s the only one I have seen from this list but I loved it. 🙂


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