Urara Meirochou : Episode 1 Review

Urara Meirochou is like, hey boobs and butts are too common eh, what about bellies? Oh J.C. Staff, this isn’t the first time you’ve done this. and I bet it won’t be the last.

Need your fortune told? Well here is the exciting story of four moe girls on their way to becoming urara, basically they are invited to enter training to become fortune tellers. It takes place in a sort of mystical town, a whimsy environment where we meet our main character Chiya. Raised by the wolves she grew up wild in the mountains. One day she goes to town and gets into some trouble when her animal friends start stealing food from the markets. She apologizes by lifting her shirt to her breasts which is apparently the most revolting and indecent thing anyone in this town has seen. Chiya runs away and runs into Kon and Koume who are also on there way to Urara. They meet shy girl Nono there and just chill, talking about what types of fortune telling they wish to use. Kon is obsessed with foxes, Koume does tarot cards, even though she thinks making them into a house of cards is how you use them, Nono is a nutcase with her ventriloquist doll and Chiya doesn’t know what her thing is yet.

Okay so we have another nice slower moving cute girls slice of life, but what made this show good is the setting! Taking place in this comfy sort of fabley town it makes for some interesting sets and outfits which give the show a nice vibe. Certainly something to make it stand out from the other cute girls shows this season. I did like the vibe from this episode. The characters are quite likable. Chiya is a weird mountain girl who’s looking for her mom, she doesn’t really understand much and is big on getting people to follow her weird habits like lifting their shirts when they’re sorry. I liked Kon she was kind of shy but cool, big on foxes. Her favorite band would be Babymetal I guess? Koume was kind of the smug one, she likes card but does she have the heart of the cards? Doesn’t look like it. Nono was the only character I didn’t like. She was just the shy one, like the suuuper shy one, which is personality my least favorite character trope as these characters are often all the same. We also meet the Captain of the town and some other folks, it’s an overall nice group of characters.

The art is very solid, excepted once again from J.C. Staff to deliver a nice production. Very cute designs as well as nicely stylized backgrounds. I like all the characters outfits, Chiya has these red bottoms that wrap around her arms while the other girls where modified kimonos. It all looks and moves very well. Voice acting is standard but good. This is Chiya’s seiyuu Sayaka Harada’s second role. Koume’s seiyuu Yurika Kubo did Hayano in Love Live! The OP and ED where also kinda of stock but they where alright tunes.

Overall I’m surprised, Urara Meirochou leaves me with few words. I did think this was a pretty solid first episode. It set up our cast and this fun environment so I think it’s going to be a good watch. It was pretty fast paced, coming from a 4-koma, and had a good tone. There are some more ecchi elements here but it’s all belly-centric which is…different. Picking up some light yuri vibrations like Chiya and Kon touching noses and the fortune telling scene. Things are looking good for this show I think it will be quite enjoyable! Sometimes the less I have to say the better. Check out Urara Meirochou if you want a cute girls slice of life set in a cool environment with those mystical elements.

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