Gabriel DropOut : Episode 1 Review

Angels are dreaming of the sloth life. Gabriel DropOut is Doga Kobo’s exciting new slice of life, well kind of slice of life, but to be fair it’s about as realistic as New Game. Angels coming to Earth or video game developers loving their job? You decide which one sounds more likely.

Gabriel DropOut is the tale of Gabriel, a pure angel who comes to earth in order to go to high school while helping out humanity. Everything is going just fine for her until she accidentally comes across an MMO. After being suckered in healing people she reaches the point of no return when she spends real money on a staff. In no time she goes from the perfect citizen to a complete NEET. Messy room, shaky attendance, unkempt appearance, and a game addiction.

We meet some other angels and demons who’ve come to earth to go to high school like Gabriel. Vignette is a very proper and responsible demon who tries to keep angel Gabriel’s life in order. Satanichia is the wicked demon who does evil and vicious things like throw water bottle sin the recycle without removing the cap and not doing her homework…deliberately. There is also Raphiel, an angel who loves to mess with people dumber then her, taking pleasure in the hilarity she creates. Basically we have a slice of life about angels that act like demons and vise versa, all framed in a high school setting with moe girls!

This was an excellent first episode that far exceeded my expectations. The comedy was on point and it went scene to scene with different jokes and situations. We begin with Gabriel graduating angel school and coming to earth, being an amazing person until she is soiled by video games. She is a funny character, finding her true calling in life is to be a lazy slob. Satanichia is a nut case, she thinks she’s being evil when Gabriel does far worse without even trying. She’s a dope and is manipulated by Raphiel when she engages in combat against…a dog. The characters are really amusing here, right away their wacky personalities are set-up through different interactions. They have extreme reactions, Gabriel freaks out when she finds the game, people are dying so SHE MUST buy the staff. Vignette gets worked up when Gabriel suggests she isn’t demon like so she feels it appropriate to blow up her apartment just to kill a roach.

This episode was legitmently funny. I don’t often actually laugh at shows like this. Often it’s just fun more then anything but there where a lot of good jokes here. By creating these silly personalities under the frame of upholding angel and demon images we have endlessly comedic potential. Gabriel’s whole vibe completely flips when she finds the game. The characters all have something that sets them off, even the cool headed Raphiel is the kind of over the top pleasure seeking dom who gets into gay mode quite fast. Everyone is a nut.

There are good set-ups and for once a show like this doesn’t take place in an all girl’s school. There are luckily no main dudes in the show to kill the vibe but there was a funny bit where Gabriel tries to teleport to school but ends up beaming her panties over, causing the guys to calmly start praying to them. The teacher is like Yasushi from Nana. The episode moves from bit to bit and in a way I feel like it’s trying to be like Nichijou but it doesn’t get anywhere close to that level of wackiness. It’s all framed in that moe style, but not in an annoying or over bearing manner. It’s just good fun.

The art style is not bad for this show. I like some designs like Satanichia and Vignette. It’s not the cutest and the show is not half as good looking as Doga Kobo’s offering last year like Sansha Sanyou and New Game but it’s still a solid production. Voice acting is pretty good, as normal some of the cast are relative rookies like Miyu Tomita as Gabriel. Veteran KanaHana plays Raphiel and Vignette’s seiyuu Saori Oonishi has been picking up some great roles. The song at the end (which is likely the OP?) is awesome, great production as it balances the angel and demon vibes with reverb heavy vocals and random bits of rock.

Overall the first episode of Gabriel DropOut was great. I have a good feeling about this show, it might be the best cute girls slice of life of the season as it has a funny set-up with crazy characters and solid comedy. This was an actually funny episode and I like the main 4 already! I like the segment by segment humor, making for quick pacing with lots of jokes. Let’s see where this one goes!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I’m just about to check out the first episode of this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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