My Top 10 Katy Perry Songs

This is a completely random post but I just felt inspired to do this. I was hit with this sudden wave of sentiment.

I love Katy Perry. One of the Boys & Teenage Dream are two of the most important albums to my life released since my birth. Back in my teens when rock was the only thing on my mind, Katy was cued up next after KISS, Ac/Dc, Metallica, and everyone else and truly became one of my favorite artists. Although it’s become hard to stay faithful over the last few years I will always hold respect for Katy as an artist and with this list I will show my favorite tunes of her discography to date! With a new album maybe on it’s way this year I only hope I will have to update this list later!

#10. One of the Boys

  • The title track of her first album (under the name Katy Perry). It’s a sort of declaration of character and a coming of age story as Katy goes from not screaming at spiders and bleaching the alphabet to shaving her legs and studying Lolita. Religiously. She has an amusing character on this song and I like the more rock instrumentation on this record.

#9. International Smile

  • Truth be told I was let down by Prism on release but from day 1 International Smile has been the album’s highlight. One of the fun songs on the album with a shiny electro-pop kick and fun vocal line. It’s a good time.

#8. I’m Still Breathing

  • Katy’s darkest song, a low key ballad with bleak lyrics and instrumentation. Katy is double tracked in a whine and deadpan vocal and the song is just so beaten down. There is like a sort of sigh in the intro. Katy has done a lot of ballads but this one strikes me as her most profound to date.

#7. Mannequin

  • One of the Boys has so much character as an album, Mannequin is a driving number with an acoustic piano start into a big chorus. Katy wonders why her lover can’t be more expressive and wishes she could just load him with new batteries or do something to just get a reaction out of him. Katy has never had the best voice but she uses that rawness to a strength on this tune.

#6. Fingerprints

  • I know almost all these songs are off One of the Boys, and I really do like Teenage Dream but damn that was an amazing album. This is Katy’s really statement, the big album closer where she tries to leave her mark. It’s a great anthem!

#5. Thinking Of You

  • Comparisons are easily done, once you’ve had a taste of perfection. My favorite lyric in Katy’s catalog. Thinking Of You is another powerful ballad with that undeniable chorus and strong organic instrumentation.

#4. Hummingbird Heartbeat

  • Teenage Dream as an album represents a sort of naive, stupid and even careless high school age romance. Hummingbird Heartbeat is a shameless sex tune opening with the very direct lyric you make me feel like I’m loosing my virginity the first time every time when you’re touching me. There is little subtlety to the metaphors in this song but that also works in it’s favor and gives the tune a great charm. The melodies are strong and soaring!

#3. Waking Up In Vegas

  • One more, one more time I must speak of One of the Boys’ great instrumentation. This is a sort of indie rock tune with pop melodies, Katy gives her personality filled lyrics over a solid instrumental. The ending section is a great moment with the guitar passage to the fade out.

#2. Self Inflicted

  • The chorus to end all choruses. Self Inflicted is just…awesome. One of Katy’s more rock songs with a careless attitude and a fist in the air. Like any artist she looked for new ground after the success of One of the Boys club pop hits I Kissed a Girl and Hot & Cold but those who care to look to Katy’s album songs will always love the time when Katy was like the preppy girl gone rock.

#1. Teenage Dream

  • Unless they’re the Beatles every artist has their one true masterpiece. The moment of sheer brilliance. For Katy I feel that is “Teenage Dream”. A lovely song of young love with airy instrumentation and a great melody. Katy’s lyrical characteristics and details remain, and there is a real genuine feeling conveyed through her vocals. There is just something about this song which makes it so special, a certain factor and tone that’s a bit hard to describe. I rate it as one of my top 10 songs of all time.

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2 Responses to My Top 10 Katy Perry Songs

  1. Karandi says:

    I really like The One That Got Away. I just like the story it tells I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Manimal says:

      Ya that’s a good tune but I’ll always remember it as the song that broke Katy’s streak! She was going to beat MJ’s record from Bad for most #1’s off an album but The One That Got Away was one single too much from Teenage Dream. I remember that came out on 11/11/2011, more then a year after the album. But it just goes to show…no one can ever top Michael! But Katy did equal him that time. But songwise I like that one yes.

      Liked by 1 person

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