MAL’s 2017 Anime Watching Challenge


Oh boy, I’m going to try to do MyAnimeList’s 2017 anime challenge this year. Basically you choose the difficulty, get a randomly generated bingo card, pick a pattern and whatever numbers fall in that pattern you go through a list of categories, show types and everything like “watch a slice of life”, “an anime from 1960-1979” etc., you find the numbers and bam make a list. It’s a whole thing. This is what I ended up with…

I’m going to be realistic and easy with myself since I often just watch new series so I went on the easiest difficulty and choose some OVAs and shorts when I could to give me some interesting things. Honestly I don’t even know that I can watch all 7 full lengths I listed as my focus goes everywhere, I make plan to watch lists and find other stuff to watch, I decide these things at random.

Also now that I watch more airing shows then every I don’t devote much time to old shows. I put a couple of airing shows on my list and I do hope to watch a lot, and beat the 38 I saw in 2016. So I just wanted to put this clearly and update at times. Most people could finish these shows in a month or two (sans the airing ones of course) but for me, I just want to complete it more the anything.

So bam, this is how my list turned out.

Full Length


Hataraki Man
Michiko to Hatchin
Madoka Magica
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Special A
Plastic Memories

2017 Series


BanG Dream!
Little Witch Academia (TV)
Fukumenkei Noise
Urara Meirochou



Transformers Zone
Bubblegum Crisis



Sakura Trick
Detroit Metal City



Belladonna of Sadness

Oh boy look at this weak n’ short list! Ha ha let’s see how it goes!


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