Winter 2017 Anime : Premieres Ranked


My fingers are cold. Oh ya Winter anime premieres, let’s rank them.

So the Winter season is in place. Aside from BanG Dream! which is still a week off, all 13 shows I would like to roll with have aired. Honestly this season looks great for me, so many shows appeal to my taste and with the promise of a good romance series, plus a sequel to a show I highly enjoyed and lots of moe cute girls slice of life…this could be a very good season, certainly better than the last two.

I will do my ranking based off first (and in Akiba’s case second) episodes. Again we’re missing BanG Dream! but I don’t have great patience sometimes.

1. Konosuba 2
2. Scum’s Wish
3. Little Witch Academia
4. Akiba’s Trip
5. Urara Meir0chou
6. Gabriel DropOut
7. Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club
8. Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon
9. Seiren
10. Schoolgirl Strikers
11. Idol Jihen
12. Masamune-kun’s Revenge
13. Youjo Senkei


So for great promise we have Konosuba 2 at number 1. It was a great reintroduction to the series with some twists and great jokes. The animation was cruder than normal but that’s one of the series’ charms. This should be more of the same greatness. Scum’s Wish is looking to be a great romance with heartache and drama inbound. So happy to see a mature show like this, I hope it will be even 1% as good as White Album 2. Little Witch Academia has a stunning debut with fantastic animation, a lot of movement and an overall great tone. I expect nothing else  from Trigger at this point. The show stands as a very unique anime this season in terms of feel and overall production.


For good fun we have Akiba’s Trip which will be the amusing sort of otaku type good time ecchi. The first two episodes were very enjoyable and it has a main dude who is actually good for once! Nice. Urara Meirochou had a very nice tone and artstyle with some good slice of life themes. The best aspect is the setting which is old timey and makes it stand out as something other than a high school show, even if it’s still young girls learning or working towards something. Gabriel DropOut was very funny and I like the cast already. A wacky show about angels and demons in moe girls, should be good.  Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club has one of the laziest titles ever but damn this episode looked niced. It has good themes and though I don’t expect very much I hope it hit some of the same feelings as Long Riders, just with better production. Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon, the first time Kyoto Ani has done something like this in a while. We have an adult lead for one and this was an amusing kick off, Tooru is quite amusing.


For not so good we have Schoolgirl Strikers, which did nothing wrong but also nothing worth remembering outside of some great well animated action scenes. Atleast it looks good. Idol Jihen has a funny concept with idols running for the office but the premiere was rushed and showed little potential. Masamune-kun’s Revenge annoyed me on a base level, but in a way it’s an accurate reflection of high school. The concept it fine but I don’t like how it’s been presented so far.


For I really don’t know we have Seiren which I certainly hope will be good and give some cute & spicy romantic situations. But the first episode was so plain and sort of dull that I am unsure there will be anything exciting here outside of the character designs. We will see, I want it to be good. Youjo Senkei is hilarious in the sense that it’s a loli at war but the first episode did not introduce the concept at all!

So I hope all the shows go well and what I like stays good and what I don’t gets better. I see potential in Masamune-Kun and Seiren. I want to stick with all these shows but Youji Senkei is ny most likely one to drop. Overall I feel it’s a good bunch of premieres and here’s hoping for an awesome season!

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