10 Comedy/Fun Anime Recommendations


I need a laugh, and when the sun is out, I got-more things. I don’t know. 12 anime comedies and others which are amusing and fun. Let’s go.

Cromartie High School


  • I have no reserves calling Cromartie High School the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. The show focuses on high school delinquents, a robot, a gorilla and none other then the man himself, Freddie Mercury. Each episode is half length and plays off it’s low quality animation with rapid fire jokes. The dub makes the show, it’s golden. Cromartie High School can hardly be described, there is simply nothing else like it. Check it out!

Daily Lives of High School Boys


  • High school anime is always about girls, what if there was a show about the daily lives of high school boys? Oh there is! A hilarious show with great comedy and fun jokes, the show parodies some anime tropes and has a good laugh. It has some flaws as some jokes don’t hit or are overplayed, but it has one of the best first episdoes in anime ever.



  • Momoka is a new high school student, ready to begin her fun and happy life when she is captured by the Survival Game Club after seeking around their base. When witnessing the thrill of gunning down her the club members she joins. Momoka is ruthless, merciless and one of the best anime heroines ever. She literally doesn’t care, doesn’t take shit from anyone and is only out for herself, a true anti-lead. This show is also not how it looks, it’s seriously crazy with some of the weirdest things you’ll see cute anime girls do. I don’t even want to describe anything, it’s great



  • A crazed school comedy with wild antics, colourful background characters and Sean Connery. Kenji likes to think he’s a delinquent but no one even knows his name. One day he runs into the Game Development Club and is forced into joining…after suffocation and water torture. The club is full of actually insane girls who do battle with other clubs, the former student president and all kinds of other characters. D-Frag is really quite crazy, don’t be fooled by the poster, it’s not some cheesy typical harem. It’s a rather jam packed comedy with a great sense of humour and off the wall antics. I highly recommend it.

Seitokai Yakuindomo


  • A rapid fire sexual comedy, Seitokai Yakuindomo never stops. If you watch enough anime you’ll think girls don’t even think the lewd, this show however offers a cast of very perverted high school girls who run the student council. Tsuda one of the school’s only guys has to deal with this after being roped into joining. What we have for two seasons are never ending juvenile jokes and somehow it doesn’t get old.

Golden Boy


  • The classic OVA follows Kintaro Oe, student of life. This man in his mid twenties goes from town to town on his bike, meeting new people, getting new jobs and being a freak. In every episode he meets a new girl and ends up helping her with some kind of life issue. Kintaro is great, a complete pervert but also with a naive and innocent heart of gold. The dub for this show is why it’s great. Kintaro’s voice is crazy, but his delivery is hilarious. It adds to the charm of the character, he’s truly helpless but a lovable guy. There are some pretty wild moments, and lots of memorable scenes in this 90’s classic.

School Rumble!


  • The ultimate love triangle, school romance showdown. School Rumble is a wacked out comedy based on misunderstanding so painful it could kill a man. Harima is a tough biker guy, but he’s hopelessly head over heels over his airhead classmate Tenma. The only issue, she likes resident bowl cut weirdo Karasuma, the silent legend. Things get out of hand fast and no one seems to be able to speak what’s really on their mind. The comedy is on point, the story gets really crazy. It’s awkward, stressful and at times completely brilliant. School Rumble is a classic that goes beyond the norm for a school anime. I dare not spoil anything, because the surprises are plentiful.

Squid Girl


  • The invader comes from the sea, Squid Girl was born in the ocean and comes to our world to inkvade de geso! The only issue is she’s easily distracted and quickly put to work after wrecking a beach side restaurant de geso. Squid Girl follows the daily adventures of our title character as she has fun on the surface world, working, playing and getting up to trouble de geso. It has a great summer setting, with it’s primary location being a beach de geso. Squid Girl is a great character herself and their are plenty of colourful personalities in the group de geso. It’s a really good time, I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for sunny fun de geso!

Yuru Yuri


  • Yuru Yuri is another school girls club anime but differs from the norm with a hilarious brand of meta and off the wall humor. It bends a lot of anime conventions and has some pretty wild jokes and running gags. The characters are a lot of fun, yuri builds as the title suggests and the protagonist has no presence. Unfortunately the show lost itself by the end of the second season and crashed into a wall in it’s highly mediocre third. But the first season is great. If you are turned away by the picture as I first was, check out an episode. You might be surprised!



  • Yuyushiki is the story of three very weird high school girls. They are high energy and spastic, firing off into random conversations and moving in fluid animation. This show is so random and the interactions are pure gold. The characters work off each other so well and it all feels so natural. They even talk about death more then once in this show, and there are a remarkable amount of low key sexual passes Yuzuko and Yukari make on Yui such as “I want to see Yui’s cute little bean”, when talking about coffee. This show is kind of wild and I love it.

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