Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor : First Impressions


Bastard! Consider that bastard dead or just being a lazy teacher. I don’t know here we have a new show set in light novel land. Great.


This is a show in which the girl’s uniforms are crop tops and tiny skirts with suspenders. Have you ever seen school uniforms so obviously made to distract viewers? I’m sure. It almost but didn’t quite distract me from how actually lame this episode is. It plays out like someone thought Konosuba was good so they tried to do something with a scumbag guy but it didn’t work as well. Akashic Records is set in typical light novel fantasy land where magic happens and there’s cute girls. Glenn is a substitute teacher at light novel academy who is super lazy but apparently powerful. We follow Sistina who’s not too happy with this. Looks like she’ll have the worst teacher over or something?

Glenn is a total sleaze ball loser, he’s like Konosuba’s trash heap Kazuma expect I didn’t find this funny, instead it’s a very typical light novel otaku type show. But oddly enough, I kind of enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t flat out awful and the ending scene was kind of amusing, but it’s really not going to be anything more then the typical judging by this episode. Midway it has a changing scene with boob grabbing because…you need to have that scene. It didn’t even show much, just Reima’s incredibly erotic facial expressions. Such a cheap move and something that every one of these shows just includes by default, never does any show dare to do anything interesting with the scenario, it’s always the same thing. The scene thinks it’s clever when Glenn walks in on them, because it needs that part right, and mentions it’s a cliche, yet the reaction is the same as it always is.


It’s not a harem show and the main character is atleast not the normal, he’s not some loser and yes he’s a bastard as the title describes. There was cool glasses guy in the corner, but he was just a side character I found amusing. This episode wasn’t very funny nor interesting and really I don’t see it amounting to anything. The only interesting thing in this episode are the girl’s uniforms. I’ve not seen a show go for that look. Hhhhm, I’ll see how the next episode is. Manga readers says this show is not as it seems and this is just a typical first episode. I actually can see how this can flip, certainly it’s not a normal set-up as it doesn’t have the beta MC loser as the teacher is a lazy but powerful, putting on a silly act. If this becomes something more as it’s said then it might be interesting after all but right now it’s nothing much.


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2 Responses to Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor : First Impressions

  1. Karandi says:

    Those uniforms… there’s really nothing you can say about them that is positive.
    This was a terrible first episode however I’ve learned that Light Novel adaptations have a nasty tendency to start in absolute cliche land and then go somewhere interesting so this gets one more episode to do something with the vague story elements that were sitting underneath the poor writing, execution and everything else of this first episode. I’d actually like to see if they could do something interesting with the set up but mostly I think this one is heading to my drop list next week.


    • The Manimal says:

      I mean I wasn’t complaining about them but intentions are clear. Ya, manga readers have been saying it goes places so we’ll see. I did find this episode sort of enjoyable but it really hit a lot of the lame light novel checklist. I think 3 episodes would be enough to decide things for me. Depends how much I pick up.

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