Winter 2017 Anime Wrap-Up Reviews


Let’s get those wraps in a compact format, this is my little goodbye to the couple of shows I went the distance with this season! Not as many as last year but the quality was at times rather great! I’ll be using Mugi faces to rate the shows.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Ju Ju Ya! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a lovely tale of Tooru, a dragon who lives among humans. One day she shows up at office worker, Kobayashi’s, apartment and they begin living together, Tooru serving as her wacky, crazy and clingy maid. Along the way others come and a little community forms around Kobayashi. Kobayashi is a normal office worker who goes about her daily routine, when Tooru comes her life brightens and she is given a sort of family and group of friends to hang out with. The show is full of warm and cute moments,

The cast is very strong and their interactions and adventures are fun to watch. Given that it’s Kyoto Ani the show looks fantastic. It’s a simpler approach but the animation is spot on and all the sequences move very well. The art is wonderful, the style is nice, it’s well coloured, it’s Kyoto Ani! Voice acting is also pretty great, Kobayashi is a great production and a great show. I would recommend it very much!



Gabriel DropOut


Angels will be demons and demons will be angels, and angels will also be slobs. Gabriel DropOut is the lazy tale of our title character Gabriel. A new graduate of heaven, she is sent to earth to study but on the discovery of videos games her life makes a change for the laziest. Once a pure and kind angel, Gab is now lives the NEET life. With her is the angel like demon Vignette, the boastful and unlucky Satania, and playful sadist from heaven Raphiel. This series follows their episodic, skit based, adventures. It’s set in school and each episode is divided into about two parts, typically focusing on the different characters. Each one of the main four is colourful and has her own set of odd traits.

The comedy is quite strong in the series, with a lot of silly jokes. Satania is always on the butt end whenever she’s in a scene, but there are some nice moments to show some actual friendship in the group. There is a tight group of side characters, the restaurant owner is perhaps the best as well as the tough looking teacher. A lot of scenarios in this series revolve around wacky characters with an onlooker or straight man questioning them. For the kind of series it is Gabriel DropOut is surprisingly funny.

Gabriel DropOut is a fun series, it can be quite humorous at times and the characters are likable. It’s best when it gets outrageous. I would recommend Gab for a light comedy watch, it has a lot of good moments.



Scum’s Wish


Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely, Scum’s Wish is a sad story of love, lust, and serves as an exploration of it’s characters most intimate and ugly of feelings. Hana is a high school girl who loves a teacher, but naturally that teacher loves another teacher, Akane. To cope with this and feel the physically of a relationship she has Mugi, a guy who likes Akane. As things go on the situation becomes more complex, other characters are thrown in and nothing is overly happy in the end.

Scum’s Wish is a great series and the kind of anime we need. With all the cutesy and hesitant first love stories it’s good to have something like this which explores the more ugly emotions and gets deep into these characters heads. This is a full dive into Hana and Akane’s minds, it fleshes things out very well! It’s not even a love story or anything nice like that, it’s a character drama piece of sorts. The presentation is solid with nice designs and interesting direction choices. The OP and ED are fantastic and overall Scum’s Wish was my favourite show of the season!



Konosuba 2


With the wrap up of Konosuba’s second season the question on everyone’s mind is, when’s season 3? Following the surprise comedy hit of 2016, the series continues on with our idiotic and lovable characters once more as they do random things. This season Darkness is explored a lot more, given a lot of focus and screentime. This makes for much of the season’s best moments as her masochism continues to be hilarious and shown in new lights. Kazuma continues to be an unbelievable jerk, what a protagonist he is. Him and Megumin have the best chemistry, seen in the episode where they fight and end up bathing together.

Aqua has her arc and big moment in the end, she continues to be a crybaby. My favorite bit is when she’s asleep, cuddling with a wine bottle, I don’t know why but I found that touch amusing. Some stuff from season 1 returns, but none of the jokes feel old or overplayed. Sure there’s little that can top the surprise of season 1’s bold bath scene in the succubus episode, but we had the fight over Darkness, loli bath, and wagon battle this time. Megumin’s rival and Wiz got good screen time this season.

The animation was all over. Konosuba has a really rough and sloppy style, but it has a flow of it’s own. You can’t call it stiff, and the quality of it manages to work with the style, designs and overall tone of the series. Voice acting is beyond fantastic, the actual sound production is also great. The new ED is almost as good as the original, with it’s country vibe. What can I say, Konosuba is awesome and this was more of the same goodness. If this series becomes a yearly event it might run out of steam at some point, but season 2 leaves me wanting more!



Akiba’s Trip The Animation


Akiba’s Trip is a comedy expose about a group of teens fighting against the vampires of Akihabara. Each episode follows a new adventure and hobby in the otaku world. It’s structured like a game. Each episode one of the cast gets into a new hobby, like idols, competition eating, pro-wrestling etc. The bugged ones end up appearing and the gang beats ’em up. A narrative progresses with the mysterious villain chilling out as her minions do evil things. It’s a theme of the week kind of show and all centres around aspects of otaku culture, which makes sense given the Akihabara setting. This is an otaku show and it can be pretty fun. It gets predictable by the end, going down the typical superhero formula of, great defeat and great comeback, but really, who’s watching this for a story anyway.

The humor is on and off in the show. The idea of the show is stupid but that’s the point. The show realizes this and delivers a lot of silliness and fun along the way. Some elements are pretty stiff in the show. The cast is alright, Tamotsu is a good male lead who has explosive passion and a real love for the otaku lifestyle. Matome is a semi tsundere who not so secretly likes him and Arisa is the large breasted blond who goes moi moi and talks in a high voice. Certainly they are a fairly likable bunch but I feel they can be a little cardboardy at times. The voice direction adds to this, Rie Takahashi is an excellent seiyuu but her performance as Matome lacks a certain expression. It’s just bland. Arisa’s voice is no better, she has a very contrived and pitchy tone.

I found Akiba’s Trip to be a series which somehow got worse episode after episode. It’s not a great, fun for a couple laughs, but it’s not something I recommend. Not terrible but a strong meh is my overall reaction.





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