K-ON! 5th Anniversary Mio (Chinese Knock Off) Figure Review



Here we have another of the K-ON! 5th Anniversary figures, but this is the Chinese knock off version of Mio! Here are my thoughts.

Last time I ordered a knock off 5th anniversary Azusa figure. It was actually pretty good and was supreme for a knock off. I thought to order Mio next, and though the pictures didn’t look good I was hoping it’d be better in person. Well the seller’s pictured proved to be completely accurate, this is certainly a knock off.


For Mio’s 5th anniversary get-up she dons a cute sort of magician or Sgt. Pepper style outfit. The top is an open cutoff jacket with 3/4 sleeves and fancy shoulder tassels. Mio has a little vest under, strung up and forming a wide v. There’s a splash of midriff and her mini skirt rides right up to her belly button. A brown belt wraps a sort of half skirt to her side and she has brown leggings with black lace up boots. To top it all off she has a rather large hat dorky hanging off the side of her head.


Her outfit is perhaps the best part of this knock off, it’s all molded fairly well and accurately. Her skirt looks weird, it’s really loose at the top but wraps tightly down the middle. There are sort of glue marks on the back and it has these odd black tints on it. Her belt makes it look like everything would just slide off. The hat is smart in that it has a magnet which lets it click onto her head with ease. It’s certainly not as nice as her “Don’t Say Lazy” mini hat, and I question why it’s so big.


She has a little rose to hold and her two hands capture her character rather well. One is a sort of shy gesture and the other is for holding her bass’ headstock. It’s a dorky look for Mio which woks well, certainly an interesting vibe.


Now the less good parts. First off her face. Her eyes looks really derpy. The original expression is well captured, but the size of everything is completely off and her nose really sticks out. If her eyes just looks a little bit better then the whole figure would be greatly improved.


Next her chest looks odd since it ends before her jacket does, leaving this tiny gap. Her neckbones are also super defined. Combined all this with the goofy hat and it’s a weird figure that only looks good for the profile. Her hair looks bad and uneven from the front. The back is done fine however. To put her bass on you have to get it under her hair. It looks okay on her, you can put it upright or to the side.


Her bass, Elizabeth, has molded strings and is an overall simplified version of the original. Where Azusa’s guitar looked awesome perfect, this bass is of a lower quality. Her base…ha ha…is also off. It doesn’t have the same imprints and the letters are spaced out differently.

Over for a cheap knock off figure this Mio is moderate. She doesn’t look too bad when everything is on her but unlike the Azusa she is a bit off from the original. If only her eyes where better, that would fix the majority of the figures issues. I really wanted this Mio, but I’m no hardcore figure collector and I’m not so much willing to drop $100+. If it was in front of me at a con I would likely buy it, but not online.


Mio (Knock Off) next to official Mugi and Azusa (Knock Off)



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