My Top 15 Songs Of All Time

Subject to change but for now, my top 15 songs.

15. Ac/Dc : Who Made Who

  • Ac/Dc where a vital band for me, they taught me guitar and where the next obsession after KISS got me into music. For whatever Who Made Who has always been my favorite song of theirs, it’s the overall feeling, something a little lighter but with a cool little guitar pattern from Angus and one of the bands more creative song structures, the 12′ mix is even better! Highway to Hell is my favorite album of all time, but this song just hits the right tones for me.

14. Daft Punk : Digital Love

  • What I consider to be the group’s masterpiece, Digital Love is a fantastic song with a dreamy distant feeling and a killer solo that takes things over the top, it’s a mighty track with simple words to sing along with and just enjoy! That’s what makes Daft Punk so great, just great fun. Digital Love hit me so hard the first time I heard Discovery, one of those…WHOA WHAT SONG IS THIS? kind of deals.

13. Van Halen : Why Can’t This Be Love

  • The keyboard, it’s that keyboard that does it for me everytime. This is a song I’ve loved since I was young and it has great sentimental value, but it’s also just a well crafted bit of radio rock with awesome melodies and great tones. The chorus is killer! Sammy Hagar may of changed the dynamic of Van Halen, but it was a different kind of rock then the Dave stuff, and is perfectly fine on it’s own.

12. Def Leppard : Hysteria

  • How to define middle school in just one song…Hysteria is a lovely number with great layered guitars and a really sad kind of sound. It really gets to me, even if the lyrics are really nothing much. It’s just a mighty song.

11. Utada Hikaru : DISTANCE

  • Utada is my favorite J Pop artist and this song has an incredible effect on me. It feels like we are the only two people on earth. Before Utada it felt like artists where singing for me, but she was the first who sounded like she was singing to me. DISTANCE is like a cozy little bubble of existence with it’s soft keyboards, horns and lovely bits of instrumentation. Final Distance is more loved for being such a crushing almost tear shedding everytime ballad, but this version is what does it for me. It’s so lovely.

10. Michael Jackson : Human Nature

  • Everything sounds right in the world when this song begins. It’s blissful, Michael’s vocal is perfect, as always, and with the light guitar, building synths and that ending, it’s such a beautiful track. There are so many songs to pick from with Michael. Be it Man In The Mirror, Stranger In Moscow, Rock With You, or one of the most perfect pop songs ever made, Billie Jean. But Human Nature has been my favorite for a long time.

9. George Harrison : All Things Must Pass

  • My soul…oh my God…the feels. This song is a wrecking ball to my chest, I feel it tighten as soon as it begins, with those horns, George’s slide and the piano. Then the fantastic lyrics and put down into the chorus. The sound on the song just kills me, those horns really add not only another hook but an extra level of emotion. I love this song so much. Personally I think it’s the best thing a Beatle ever made.

8. Sonic Youth : Teen Age Riot

  • There are many important songs that changed my musical views, expanded my view on things….but Teen Age Riot had such a violent effect. It’s a magic track of complete perfection, with it’s riffs, hard driving beat and vocal line, it can just go on and on. The noisy Sonic Youth tracks are what makes them Sonic Youth, but without the crazy feedback, Teen Age Riot is just one hell of a rock song. You want to just crank it as soon as Thurston scrapes that main riff out…it’s a thing of wonder.

7. Bob Dylan : Like A Rolling Stone

  • When you feel this song, you feel it. This is Bob’s greatest brush of perfection, from it’s first drum hit to the sudden entry of every instrument, the song is a power ride with amazing lyrics and a chorus that calls right out to you. The keyboards give it this magic effect, and with it’s quick harp breaks, guitar leads and the real command of the vocals, there is something I can’t describe about this song. It is an experience and a mood.

6. Mikuni Shimokawa : Tomorrow

  • When I hear this song I feel so much nostalgia it’s painful. This is the song of the end of my childhood in a sense. Implying that childhood ends at 12, this is a song that just hits me. Full Metal Panic is still right up there in my favorite shows, and Mikuni Shimokawa’s song are what makes it even more memorable. It has such a personal effect on me that I can’t even describe it clearly. It’s a really great composition as well with some awesome swirling guitar effects from the harmonics to distant crying in the pre-chorus.

5. Mami Kawada : Hishoku no Sora

  • I can’t find the song online, but just listen to this piano version. It says it all. Hishoku no Sora is not only my favorite J song, but also something that makes me feel all that sentiment and chest compression. It’s just such a tune, the melodies on point and the production amazing. With those keyboards, piano hits and guitars, everything is just amazing. The key change really gives it a kick at the end to. Shakugan no Shana was an important show to me, and I actually watched it because of this song. The track that did it all…love it.

4. Dereck and the Dominos: Layla

  • What is the perfect rock song? Well, scroll down 2 more spots, but until then Layla. What can you say about this a surviving classic. It has the riff you can’t forget, a screaming solo and a piano ending so beautiful it makes the song. It’s Layla! I don’t need to say more.

3. Katy Perry : Teenage Dream

  • When I was younger I didn’t really care for stuff of my time, and didn’t pay attention to the pop on the radio. However one fateful day summer 2010, a song so good came on the music video channel that I had to stop what I was doing (making a PB & J sandwich!) and listen. Teenage Dream came out the summer before high school and it’s safe to call the album a soundtrack to grade 9 given how the singles where spread out. But the title track is perfect, Katy just knocked it way out of the park with this song. I believe it’s the best hit single of this decade, the melodies, the light sound…it’s amazing.

2. Bruce Springsteen : Jungleland

  • Everyone has their definition of a perfect song. While perfect may not exist, in my view there is a perfect song. It’s by Bruce Springsteen off his perfect album Born to Run. It’s Jungeland. The single most amazing song I’ve ever heard. The epic to end all epics begins softy with violins before the piano starts. Bruce tells the story and then it suddenly starts to rock the hell out! Things pick up big time, the drama increases. The story revs up, Bruce slams that Tele, he rips a hot solo. The tension rises, the strings are screaming. Then IT HAPPENS. The world stops as Clarence Clemons unleashes the MOST AMAZING SOLO OF ALL TIME. He screams into his sax, with complete control. The song slows down, earth stops spinning for those few minutes. The music goes in and out as that sexy fucking sax just screams. Then it picks up. The drums just pounding, the guitars letting out those chords as Clarence continues. Goosebumps rise, from every part of everywhere. It’s so perfect. How did humans make something this perfect. Oh my fucking God this solo. The music, the drama, THIS SONG IS THE BEST FUCKING THING oh my God. Then it stops again, all dies down. Bruce returns to the mic after it all. Things reach a dramatic turn as it quiets down. The story twists, now all hope is gone for our heroes of the story. Bruce sounds worn down. The dream is over. The piano telling the story. Then it gets loud again! Then quiet, Bruce is shouting. He’s talking it dies down again. It’s over. Tonight. In. Jun. Gle. Land. HOLY SHIT. The piano explodes, the bass and then. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO. THE SCREAMS. BRUCE LETS OUT THESE SHOUTS FROM THE SOUL. OH MY GOD GOOSEBUMPS. WHAT THE FUCK. I thought the sax solo did it, but this ending just rips it all out. The story is over, that’s it. The piano lets it all end softly as the string fade. You just witnessed Jungleland. The best fucking song of all time for me.

1. KISS : Psycho Circus

  • Wait what? There’s more? But Bruce surely would’ve ended this list? No. The roots of everything, is this song. This is the song that got me into music. The first time Psycho Circus made it’s way into my CD player my life was changed forever. An obsession was born, suddenly KISS was more then a cool band. Suddenly music was not just passive anymore. It all came from this song. It’s not the best thing ever, but it wouldn’t be right unless Psycho Circus was #1 on any list of my top songs. It’s just the track that did it all.

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