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My Top 15 Songs Of All Time

Subject to change but for now, my top 15 songs.

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K-ON! 5th Anniversary Mio (Chinese Knock Off) Figure Review

  Here we have another of the K-ON! 5th Anniversary figures, but this is the Chinese knock off version of Mio! Here are my thoughts.

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Winter 2017 Anime Wrap-Up Reviews

Let’s get those wraps in a compact format, this is my little goodbye to the couple of shows I went the distance with this season! Not as many as last year but the quality was at times rather great! I’ll … Continue reading

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Sakura Quest : First Impressions

It’s those daydream days in a daydream nation, or mini nation, hyper nation. Hyper station. We got some more countryside slice of life from P.A. Works our way, let’s hope it’s better then Glasslip….

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Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor : First Impressions

Bastard! Consider that bastard dead or just being a lazy teacher. I don’t know here we have a new show set in light novel land. Great.

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K-ON! 5th Anniversary Azusa (Chinese Knock Off) Figure Review

The K-ON! 5th Anniversary figures are damn fine but they can run high prices. If you just want to get cool figures but don’t want to drop the money…well you can always try Chinese knock offs. I took a chance … Continue reading

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Aqours : Happy Party Train (Single Review)

All aboard the Doki Doki Express once more for Aqours’ third big single, Happy Party Train. B-sided with SKY JOURNEY and Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai. Centered by diving queen Kanan and with a train conductor image, how does this single … Continue reading

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