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My Top 15 Songs Of All Time

Subject to change but for now, my top 15 songs. Advertisements

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Aqours : Happy Party Train (Single Review)

All aboard the Doki Doki Express once more for Aqours’ third big single, Happy Party Train. B-sided with SKY JOURNEY and Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai. Centered by diving queen Kanan and with a train conductor image, how does this single … Continue reading

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KISS : Albums Ranked

KISS is my favourite band, they always will be. For what they mean to me is everything. While they don’t have as many good records as other bands I like KISS is an endlessly entertaining, fascinating and fun group. Throughout … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Sonic Youth Songs

Sonic Youth is a good band. I like good bands. and good songs. So I listed some. Is it still good? Whatever.

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Nevermind vs. In Utero : Track By Track

What? This is boring, who cares? No one I just felt like typing this so I did. That’s how I roll. Nevermind vs. In Utero going track by track. Just for fun you know, let’s see how they compare.

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Utada Hikaru : Albums Ranked

I got the urge to marathon my favorite J Pop artist, Utada Hikaru’s discography. From her young beginnings, shots at the American market and 2016 come back, this is my own ranking of all Utada’s release to date!

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My Shameless Post of Self Promotion

  I make the music and upload it. This is my stupid new “album” or whatever. It sucks but here it is. Read more if you reeeally want to know more but…I kind of doubt anyone does. It’s all me … Continue reading

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