KISS : Albums Ranked


KISS is my favourite band, they always will be. For what they mean to me is everything. While they don’t have as many good records as other bands I like KISS is an endlessly entertaining, fascinating and fun group. Throughout the highs and lows of their career are different sounds and odd moves. They don’t have a perfect discography or even a perfect album by any means but KISS is just that band for me. They got me into music and I still have that affection for them today. Here I will be ranking my enjoyment of the KISS albums only by my own scale. So here it is.

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10 Comedy/Fun Anime Recommendations


I need a laugh, and when the sun is out, I got-more things. I don’t know. 12 anime comedies and others which are amusing and fun. Let’s go.

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My Top 10 Sonic Youth Songs

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Sonic Youth is a good band. I like good bands. and good songs. So I listed some. Is it still good? Whatever.

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12 Slice Of Life Anime Recommendations




I love the slice of life tales, stories of characters going through their daily lives with all the struggles, drama and comedy that ensues. From romance to drama to moe moe, there is a lot to the genre and many series seem deeper then they appear. For this first list I will focus on the more serious slice of life shows with strong characters and tones. Also including romance series of different varieties. The next list will be more comedy based. Rave on!

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Rambling About Paradise Kiss

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I just watched Paradise Kiss. The epic tale of a high school girl who is influenced and dragged around by some people who make clothes in a basement. Or something. Read on for a stream of thoughts! These are rough ones, just first impressions I suppose, not quite a full on review.

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J Pop On Rotation #1 (Passpo, Kaji Hitomi, E Ticket Production & more)

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I’m going to talk about some J Pop albums I’ve listened to recently. It will be fun? This features a lot of albums from this year so far. That’s cool. Okay.

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Nevermind vs. In Utero : Track By Track

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What? This is boring, who cares? No one I just felt like typing this so I did. That’s how I roll. Nevermind vs. In Utero going track by track. Just for fun you know, let’s see how they compare.

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