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Sakura Quest : First Impressions

It’s those daydream days in a daydream nation, or mini nation, hyper nation. Hyper station. We got some more countryside slice of life from P.A. Works our way, let’s hope it’s better then Glasslip….

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Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor : First Impressions

Bastard!┬áConsider that bastard dead or just being a lazy teacher. I don’t know here we have a new show set in light novel land. Great.

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Idol Incidents : Episode 1 Review

Idols have saved schools from closing. Idols have brought attention to local communities. Idols have saved earth from a meteor shower by playing crane based game. Idols have saved the world with space age inner planetary rebel concerts. Who am … Continue reading

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Masamune-Kun’s Revenge : Episode 1 Review

Hot people always get their way. That is the message of Masamune-Kun or atleast this first episode. Like it or not that is a truth of this world and the show rolls with it. So how is this tale of … Continue reading

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Akiba’s Trip : Episode 1 Review

Take off your clothes, the time has come for…oh actually this is even worse. The time has not come for indecent exposure but rather to strip others. Okay…well, no. Akiba’s Trip The Animation!

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